FORm and FUNction:
A Holiday Sale

December 9th - 17th, 2000

wendy ballam
tari brand
patrick crabb
pam diely
don fitzgerald
bill gallagher
gretchen gates
john hopkins
marsha judd
susan martin serra
rose misanchuk

connie sasso
david speck
dan stephens
scott stodder
kathryn stovall-dennis
david wade
larry white
katherine white
rhys williams
stephen woodruff
scott young

Extreme: Ill-Mannered Art
October 28th - November 26th, 2000
Curated by Clayton Spada & Barbara Thompson

Stephen Anderson, Mariona Barkus, Mark Chamberlain, Edward Colver, Jorg Dubin,
Carlee Fernandez, Llyn Foulkes, Carlos Grasso, Cynthia Minet, Laurel Paley, Mike Roof

Music from the Autonomous Zone
November 11th, 2000
(The Lloyd Rodgers Group, The Illustrious Theatre Orchestra, and The Festival Orchestra and Singers (featuring Sean Ferguson, Jeremy Reinbolt and Matt Menaged) presenting a wide variety of 'pomo' music from aggro-minimalism to agit-prop romanticism to 'pop-minimalism'.

The ITO is Greg Adamson (cello), Ruth Bruegger (violin), Shane W. Cadman (keyboard), Jeff Fairbanks (keyboard), John P. Hoover (bass clarinet), Ross Kalling (keyboard) and Scott McIntosh (clarinet). This performance featured the ITO premieres of "Not the High Dive" and "Counting on the Weatherman" by Jeff Fairbanks. Also, we break the ITO rules and do an arrangement of a piece by a non-ITO composer. As an homage to Lloyd Rodgers, we performed the "Overture" to his ballet "The Little Prince."

UCI First Year Show
May, 2000
20/20, 20th Year Retrospective
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