FORm and FUNction2:
A Holiday Sale

November 30th - December 2nd, 2001

Sonja Bradley, Sharon Anne Brown, Lucy Chamberlain, Irene Cheney, Pam Deily, Don Fitzgerald, Bill Gallagher, Nancy Harlan, Terry Hufft, Eric Kao, Peggy McBeath, The´Nguyen, Robin Povart-Kelly, Tate Rich, John Ruth, Connie Sasso, Nanda & Kelly Soderberg, Scott Stodder, Kathryn Stovall-Dennis, Stephen Woodruff, Scott Young

The Emancipated Brush:
Contemporary Paintings from the People's Republic of China

October 6th - November 18th, 2001
Curated by Clayton Spada and Hao Zhan, in collaboration with Jiang Zhuqing

Beefcake, Cheesecake;
Sex, Flesh, Money, Dreams

September 2001
Juror; Tyler Stallings, Laguna Art Museum

“Perv Alert!,” OC Weekly, Rebecca Schoenkopf, September 14, 2001, page 36

“A Surprise Serving of ‘Beefcake’,” Los Angeles Times, Vivian LeTran, September 1, 2001

“Where’s the Beef?” Orange County Register, Richard Chang, September 2, 2001, pages 17-18

“Finding Good Art Won’t be a labor,” Orange County Register, Richard Chang, August 31, 2001, Show section

Crutch: A Multimedia Environment
August 4th - 26th, 2001
Stephen Anderson & Michael Diebner

Self Help Graphics: Inspiring Heroes
July 7th - 29th, 2001
Jose Antonio Aguirre, Ernesto De la Loza, Ricardo Duffy, Diane Gamboa, Yolanda Gonzalez, Wayne Healy, Salomon Huerta, Luis Ituarte, Daniel Marquez, Isabel Martinez,Pablo Martinez, Jerry Ortega

Tom Field, Pausing to See
June 2001
Curated by Denise deSalvo

“A Vivid Look at Hero Worship,” Los Angeles Times, Kinney Littlefield, June 27, 2001, page F-2

‘Pausing to See’ Tom Field,” Orange County Register, Richard Chang, June 3, 2001,
Show section, page 24

“Painter’s Obscure Gifts See Light,” Los Angeles Times, Vivian LeTran, June, 2001

“A Pause That Refreshes—And Confuses,” Los Angeles Times, Kinney Littlefield, June 2001

“The Figure of Expressionism,” OC Weekly, Rebecca Schoenkopf, June 15, 2001

May 3rd - 27th, 2001
Bart Palisi, Max Presneill & Gwendolyn van der Velden

Three Parts Clay, One Part Paint
April 4th - 29th, 2001
Sandy Deeks, Barbara Thompson, Petronella Bannier & Jerry Rothman

“The Clay’s the Thing for Trio,” Los Angeles Times, Vivian LeTran, April 4, 2001, Page B6

Showcase: Your top picks for the weekend and beyond, Orange County Register,
April 6, 2001, page 36

“Feet of Clay: One Part Paint delivers no train wrecks!” OC Weekly, Rebecca Schoenkopf,
April 20-26, 2001, page 30

An exhibition of works by Contemporary European and American Artists
March 3rd - 31st, 2001
Nicole Cohen, Matthew Driggs, Edward Giardina, Charles Labelle, Loren Sandvik,
Leslie Browne, Ania Rachmat, Rob Sweere, Gwendolyn Van der Velden, Barbara Wijnveld, Per Huttner, Kurt Johannssen, Emmanuelle Mafille, Nigel Prince, Gavin Wade

The Usual Suspects
February 2001
On the Edge “Pushing Boundaries,” Orange County Register, Richard Chang, January 17, 2001, pages 1, 3-4
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