february 2007

Self Perceptions:

A contemporary look at an ancient tradition.
Curated by Bobbie Mandel & Pamela Grau Twena

February 1st - 25th, 2007


Jurors’ statement:
How do we know ourselves? Is it what we see in the mirror? Is it how people respond to us? Self -perception can be very different to how others perceive us. Our own inner reality is allusive. Can we seek the truth about ourselves?

For years artists have explored this very concept through the self-portrait. There is a long tradition of looking into the mirror to gain insight into our deeper self, beyond our persona, beyond how others define us. We are more than our behaviors, and our actions, we possess a core sense of who we are. Contemporary problems demand contemporary solutions and self-portraiture is no longer limited to looking in the mirror to define our inner self. Metaphors emerge that can seem more real than any reflection in the mirror. This show is an examination of contemporary expressions of the Self.


Participating Artists:
Daniel Adams, Craig "Skibs" Barker, Marque Cornblatt, Julie Easton, Keith Gaspari , Amy Holmes George, Jennifer Gilomen, Karen Goins, Iva Hladis, Karl Gustav Kroeppler, JECCA, Michael Lasater, Rebecca Lowry , Michelle Montjoy, Sonya Palencia, Andrea Patrie, Rachel Rosenthal, Toni Scott, Steve Shoffner, Grace Songolo, Phil Tartley, Cole Thompson, Jason Van Winkle, Suzanne Walsh, Carrie Yury





First Friday Films: Feb, 2nd, 2007
Jules et Jim (1962)
Director: François Truffaut

experimental Music Concerts
EMC #6, February 24th:
* Narodniks
* Writer
* The Soft Lightes

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