october 2007

Legacy – Dana Lovell Retrospective

Curated by Jeffrey Crussell

October 4th – 27th, 2007

A life cut short is always a tragedy, however when an artist dies suddenly and unexpectedly one is left sorting through the remnants of work that will never be finished and art that might never be seen. Artists treat their work with reverence, love and devotion as one treats one’s own children, but what is to become of the work when the artist passes away?

Dana Lovell was just hitting his stride as an artist when he died on March 26, 2007 at the untimely age of 53. He had recently completed his MFA at Cal State Fullerton and he was already gaining local momentum. Although Dana defined himself as a painter he did not limit himself to paint. He explored new mediums and new technologies and was continuously expanding his expression through new tools. Among his many recent shows he was one of 40 artists included in Laguna Beach’s OScene in 2004/2005, which was a survey of the hippest artists in OC. Dana also had a solo installation at the Armory in Pasadena 2005 and had just completed his first New York show in 2006, indeed big things seemed to be on the horizon. Dana had been an active member at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art working towards building an artist community in O.C. He was also the first artist to sign on with Crussell Fines Arts, an organization formed to help link artists and collectors.

Jeffrey Crussell along with the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art have joined together to present the work that Dana Lovell left as his Legacy.

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A Catalog of the exhibit is available:


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