march 2008

Kebe Fox: Bird’s-Eye
Jim Caron: Now
Leah Parrent: Organomercurial


February 28th - March 29th, 2008

Opening Reception Saturday March 1st 6-10pm


Veiled social commentary and themes on personal manifestation are woven through lush, ethereal environments in this exhibition highlighting Kebe's unique two and three-dimensional paintings.

Thick intricate layers of paint, dark undercoats and raised canvas alongside a playful touch add subtle avenues
of energy and flair.

Interpretation is open to the viewers own distinct experiences and impressions. In addition, Fox has assembled one of his large "mood installations" to allow the themes to "fully breathe and emote."



Paintings from the renowned cartoonist from Coagula magazine.

"My images are created from a compulsion to do so, that is what defines me as an artist. I seek no acknowledgment or agreement from others.

My work is not a contrived effort to gain acceptance and success nor is it an exclamation of some subjective truth that I would have others endorse.

Whatever guides my hand is an honest expression that seeks to consummate a bond with that which I cannot reach or define. My efforts to visualize what may truly guide one's life is a conjecture worthy of much contention, but my work is a look at the world with closed eyes and a willingness to face a truth that I cannot know without it destroying who I am today."


For Leah Parrent, sculpture represents possibility in life. "The idea, given form, now breathes and moves, interacting fully with the viewer in a shared dimension.

Highly inspired by the elements of nature and the intrigue of human emotions, the concepts originate in the journey through landscapes of both earth and soul.

These pieces play with the idea of commitment to change or being emotionally impelled to change. Each piece exists to evoke the contemplation of universal experiences that lead to these life transitions in thought or circumstance, and ultimately change our structural composition.

In this journey where there is little of certainty, it is most necessary to find that which is intrinsically at core, in order to ready each being for what is coming next.



All events FREE admission

First Friday Films: March 7: 8pm
Deconstructing Harry (1997)
Directed by Woody Allen

EMC Concert: March 8: 8pm
the Natural Disasters
The Lynx Technique

EMC Concert: March 29: 8pm
CD release Party!
Joy Shannon & the Beauty Marks
With Guests Sons At Sea

Harpist, cellist and singer Joy Shannon releases her third album "As in the Wilderness". Her melodic and dramatic sound is completed by her backing band "The Beauty Marks" with guitar, bass and drums. LA's Rockit News calls Joy Shannon "a seductive performer with alluring elegance". Her lyrics and melodies create a haunting and unforgettable experience.

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