august 2008:

Alternate Views

Sergio Salgado Dirzo - “Exploring California Coastal Cultures”
Rik Lawrence - “ 25 Years of New Zealand Landscapes”
Norman Korpi - “The Twilight Series”


August 1st-30th 2008

Opening reception August 2, 2008, 6-10pm
Rich Bohn will delight us with sounds!

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Sergios work explores the California culture along the West Coasr and represents the
Spirit of Freedom in a very unique way. A contemporary view as an Alternative idea
of interpretation of the old with a new perspective breaking through by exploring
different mediums. The Art of making a revolutionary statement about this unique California Culture.


Riks Photographs document another Magical world of unique culture and beauty. The
focus is on the rural beauty of landscapes. Sometimes accompanied by other life forms
such as goats, sheep, cows and occasionally people. But always beautiful. From the very last sunset of the 20th century and the very first sunrise of the new millenium; to the hearty and humble people who built this incredible country.


Normans paintings of his “Twilight Series” walks a fine line between the real and
what is not real. He wants us to see and understand (or to own – if only for a few moments) The Twilight. He captures his audience in a world that goes beyond the
canvas and pushes the infinite possibilities of what Art can show us – and what we leave behind with Art.


First Friday Films: August 1: 8pm
Endless Summer (1966)

EMC Concert no.25: August 9: 8pm
Bank Holiday
Fuji Minx

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