september 2008:

Animal Magnetism

An all media national juried exhibition
Juror: Mat Gleason

September 4 to 27, 2008

Reception September 6th , 6pm to 10pm

Images From the Opening

Virtual Walkthrough

Juror: Mat Gleason, editor and publisher of Coagula Art Magazine

Recently praised by the British critic Julian Stallabrass in his book, Art Incorporated, The Story of Contemporary Art, Mat Gleason has a keen eye for quality and authenticity, ferocious wit and an intimate knowledge of the jungle.


Katherine Patterson: Catsnake, graphite


Selected Artists:

Abdul and Lucas
April Durham
A. S. Ashley
Bob Allen
Carol Ann Klimek
Cheryl Ekstrom
Chris Basmajian
Cynthia Minet
Dale Clifford
Amy Caterina
Daniel du Plessis
David Beck
David Khang
David Luce
David Prochaska
Denise DeGrazia
Diane Meyer
Eva Kolosvary Stupler
Gabriel Zacuto
Heidi Jensen
Jaime Lakatos
Jason Cimenski-Almogela
Jean Reese Wilkey
Jeanette Martone
Jeff Alu
Jenny Zoe Casey
Joanne Chase-Mattillo
Juan Thorp
Julie Easton
Katherine M. Patterson
Kathryn Hansen
Ken Haber
Ken Hillberry
L. Kelly Lyles
Laura Jean
Laurie Hassold
Les Perhacs
Linsley Lambert
Liza Hennessey Botkin
Louise Francke
Margaret Adachi
Mary E. Mayer
Melanie Wynne Waldman
Nancy Baker Cahill
Nisa Schoonhoven
Owen Driggs
Renee Martin
Robert Weibel
Sarah Goldstein
Sarah Hauser
Steven R. Barich
Stuart Rapeport
Terry Davitt Powell
Todd Frahm
William Ransom


Animals, real and imaginary. We fear them, pamper them, tame them, trap them, eat them, lobby on their behalf, experiment on them, strut them as status symbols, and exterminate them. How do contemporary artists represent them?

From the caves of Lascaux, to the halls of the Louvre, there is no escaping them. With their long pedigree in the history of art, they prowl the great museums of the world. And today, animals leap from the work of contemporary artists, symbolically expressing their ideas and emotions. OCCCA's terrific exhibition space will showcase a menagerie of superb examples of this trend, from the traditional to the avant-garde, from the realistic to the fantastic, in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and new media


A catalog of accepted works is available now!



Press Mention:

Grunt and Squeak and Squawk With the Animals at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art,
OC Weekly, by Greg Stacy, Thursday, Sep 25 2008

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