October 2008:

Virtual Walkthrough

jUSt how does a PATRIOT ACT

A Response to US Policy at Home and Abroad

Curator : Joella March

October 4th - 26th, 2008

Opening Reception Saturday October 4th 6pm-12am


Images From Reception

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Performance art Event:
October 18th from 8 pm to 11 pm. (Free event)

Actress/Director Chloe Webb will MC the performance art night featuring “Letters To The President” a multi-media spoken word performance by M.S.Garvey;

Original performance art by Toni Ivashkov; video/performance
by Daniella Adair and spoken word/poetry performed by local poets, including: D'Lo, Francisco Letelier, John Trudell, Douglas Kearney and
special guest Vietnam Vet/anti-war activist Ron Kovic.

The Grab, Ryan Broughman, 2008

The Exhibition:
“Just How Does A Patriot Act” seeks to create a forum for conversation and debate, extending beyond the current political climate of denial, distraction, and dismissal of the public voice and will.

The Artists in this Exhibition:
The artists in this exhibition work in a variety of media including traditional and new forms : Painting, Drawing, Screen printing, Assemblage, Animated Neon, Kinetic Sculpture, Installation, Fashion Sculpture, Text Art, Photography, Sound sculpture, Digital Media, Conceptual Art, Performance Art and Video. They represent various ages, political, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and are all answering the call to inquire, investigate, analyze and create.

Revealing questions, answers and solutions through their own unique process, as they contemplate and respond to U.S. policy at home and abroad, (including Abu Grahib, War profiteering, 9/11, Over deployment of U.S. troops, Public Apathy, Loss of Civil liberties, Accountability, Environment, Economy Immigration, Homeland Security)

Just how does a patriot act in a changing world?
I invite you all to ruminate upon this query. To begin a discussion that extends beyond gallery walls. To take an active role in the future of this nation and the world. To not loss faith in ”the power of the people” or the ability for one voice to make a profound difference. Knowledge redefines power, use it or loose it!


“To dissent is Patriotic” – Thomas Jefferson, founding father

We The Artists:


Andrew Armstrong * Beverly Naidus* Bryan de Roo
Cat Gwynn * Chris Revelle * Clayton Campbell
Dan Van Clapp * Danielle Adair * Dianna Cohen
Douglas McCulloh * Elana Mann * Francisco Letelier
Hillary Mushkin * Hayley Blatte * Jason Chakravarty
Joe Biel * Jody Zellen * John Carr * John Trudell
Karen Atkinson * Karen Fiorito * Lun*na Menoh *
Matthew Bryant * Meekyung Shim * Nabwia El-Soudani
Nancy Buchanan * Nate Seubert * Nicholas Grider
Noah Breuer * Phil Toledano* Rebecca Lowry
Richard Ankrom * Robbie Conal * Robin Clark
Roman Genn * Ryan Broughman * Sahar Alsawaf
Sheila Pinkel * Stephen Anderson * Suzanne Mejean
Tomas Moreno * Toni Ivashkov * Wayne Coe
William Stone * Zachary Biberstine * Zig Gron
D'Lo * Douglas Kearney * M.S. Garvey * Ron Kovic

Michael Garvey / Spoken Word Performance Artist
M.S. Garvey has composed over 130 letters (and counting) to President George W. Bush. In the mysterious Courtyard’s inner sanctum and under the watchful gaze of his cat Mr. Pickles, he writes the letters on his human-powered typewriter and mails the originals to the White House. The letters express Garvey’s thoughts on topics from administration policies, the direction of our country and the current wars, to charity, peace and the power of taking baths. He held the first live readings in the summer of 2002 at O’Brien’s Pub in Venice, and then went on to perform selected letters in Los Angeles, Grand Rapids, Chicago and Berlin, as well as various cities in Romania. M.S. Garvey also participated in the 2004 Republican National Convention by staging readings outside of Madison Square Garden during convention events.

Over time, the show has evolved into a collaborative performance piece that defies description, with a rotating cast of accomplished musicians. Garvey, a charismatic presence and expansive performer, proclaims the letters against a sonic backdrop of improvised music that beckons the sounds of old New Orleans, the Kansas plains and the dark bars of Los Angeles. Full of humor, insight and passion, these rare performances are not to be missed. In an exclusive two-week engagement (November 29th to December 9th, 2007), M.S. Garvey’s “Letters to the President”, co-produced by Ice Hat Creative and the Robert Berman Gallery, was performed with The Hootenanny All- Stars at the Electric Lodge in Venice, Calif.

“Michael Garvey’s solo show is something different...in just under an hour he poignantly raises a question familiar to many...creates a welcoming place for the confused and downhearted citizen.”
--The Chicago Reader



Joella March is an artist and curator living and working in Los
Angeles. She has exhibited her kinetic sculptures in many galleries including the Museum of Neon Art. Joella has curated group and solo exhibitions throughout Los Angeles.


Press Mention:

Atrocity Becomes Art at OCCCA's 'Just How Does a Patriot Act' Show,
OC Weekly, by Greg Stacy, Oct 19th, 2008


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