august 2015

This May All Be A Lie

Jeffrey Frisch / Solo Exhibition

August 1-29, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 16-10pm

Jeffrey Frisch, "Hinged Bec"


The exhibition is multi-layered in concepts and features Orange County artist & exhibition curator, Jeffrey Frisch and photographer/scientist/mathematician Minor White.

On its surface it is a mildly whimsical exhibition celebrating creativity. Using narrative from science and near-science, it's much more subversive subtext seeks to undermine a substantial portion of Western Civilization's 2000 year old-plus foundational belief system. The exhibit has also been organized to subtly respect one of the Ten Commandments while concurrently meta-referencing today's technological reshaping of entertainment delivery.

An additional exhibition innovation is a web site page as an art piece for this exhibit by Mr. White, an academically documented exo-planet discoverer.  Please visit this page.                                          

Jeffrey Frisch, "Ritual III,IV,V"

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