May 2016


What Can Contemporary Art Do To Push Acceptance Along Culture and Gender Spectrums?

June 12, 1-2pm

Free Admision

OCCCA is excited to host a free panel discussion event in line with Sapira Cheuk's solo
exhibition Chiasmus - Material Selves, Liminal Spaces at GALLERY de FOX

Join us on Sunday, June 12th for a thought-provoking discussion on "What Can Contemporary Art Do to Push Acceptance Along Culture & Gender Spectrums?"


Sapira Cheuk, Painter

Jane Chin Davidson, CSUSB Professor of Art History & Art Curator

Kurt Weston, Photographer

Jonathan Alexander, UCI Professor of English and Gender & Sexuality Studies


Natalie Mik, Independent Curator and Sociologist


Sapira Cheuk on “Subjectivity in flux and the internalization of sex” (lecture)

“To recognize the existence of another subjectivity implies recognizing that it belongs to, and constitutes, a world of its own, which cannot be substituted for mine; that the subjectivity of the other is irreducible to my subjectivity” - Luce Irigaray, Sharing the World

Sapira Cheuk will discuss her latest body of work building on Luce Irigarary’s work on the absence of a true female subjectivity. Cheuk's works use intertwining ink figures to explore how the self destabilizes during sex; in addition to allowing the materials and the process of making to add to the self/non-self dialogue.

Cheuk has given lectures on issues of the body and women’s sexuality at the University of Nevada, University of California Riverside, California State University San Bernardino and Gallery 330 Pomona. Her talks open up discussions on female sexual experiences, particularly the complexity of the subject and corporeality, while building an alternative narrative of bodily desires. Cheuk engages the audience to participate in a dialogue across the liberal arts and beyond and offer an opportunity to broaden academic research and to develop professional relationships. Her art was exhibited in over 50 exhibitions, including at the Riverside Art Museum, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, The Robert & Frances Fullerton Museum of Art and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. She received her BA at University of California Riverside and her MFA at California State University San Bernardino.

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