november 2020



November 7 - December 19, 2020

Gallery entry after opening reception available by appointment only:

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About the exhibition

vision2020 presents the work of three artists working in two distinct media: Assemblage and fashion related painting and drawing. And yet there is a mysterious affinity between them. George Herms gives charmed life to inanimate objects with gestures of the purest Surrealism; Dame Zandra Rhodes, D.B.E., designs avant-garde fashion; and Jeffrey Frisch creates three-dimensional found-object sculptures that seem to have sailed in from a parallel universe. If George Herms’ assemblages evoke a magical Bohemia, Jeffrey Frisch’s dreamVessels can take you there, steam-punk yachts with sails cut from the artist’s own clothing. These bilaterally symmetrical vessels suggest ancient technologies, and imaginary voyages. Dame Zandra Rhodes is most known for her innovative use of textiles. and for incorporating street-style punk into couture, earning her the nickname the ‘Princess of Punk.’ Rhodes is a fashion icon with a fifty-year career of innovative provocations. Travel to the far shores of the imagination with Herms, Rhodes and Frisch in vision2020.


George Herms
The legendary curator Walter Hopps placed George Herms in a dazzling continuum of assemblage artists that includes Pablo Picasso, Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Duchamp, and Joseph Cornell.
George Herms is especially significant to OCCCA because in 1980, while a professor of art at Cal State University Fullerton, he inspired a group of graduate students to create an exhibition venue of their own, similar to the new "alternative spaces" popping up at that time in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles in reaction to the exclusionary policies of the major museums.  That venue is OCCCA.  Against all odds, this artist-run space was destined to thrive into the 21st century.
When OCCCA opened its doors in 1980, its young founders were empowered by the radical advice from their patron saint, George Herms: "Don't wait around for museums and galleries to give you an exhibit," he told them. "Take matters into your own hands!"



Jeffrey Frisch
as an exhibiting studio artist, is the current Executive Director of OCCCA and for over 20 years has been the Curator of the John Wayne Airport Arts Program. He created the dreamVessel series genre of assemblage, found-object art in the late 1980’s after spending hundreds of hours crewing for sailboat racing. It has been his main body of artwork since then, existing beside three other distinct bodies of two and three dimensional art.



Dame Zandra Rhodes, D.B.E.
is an English fashion and textile designer. Her early education in fashion set the foundation for a career in the industry creating textile prints. In addition to designing fashion for Freddy Mercury of QUEEN, Rhodes designed garments for Diana Princess of Wales and numerous celebrities. In addition to designing garments, she designed textiles for interiors, featuring her prints on furniture and homewares.


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