March 2009:


Juried by Claudia Grau

March 6 - April 18

Reception March 7th, 6-10pm

2nd Reception April 4th, 6-10pm


Fashion is a seductive powerhouse in contemporary culture, worthy of celebration and critique. From the earliest days of civilization to the present moment, we’ve been obsessed by decorative creations to adorn and define our beings. Madly inspired garments, bravura sketches, elaborately finished works, and experimental art in all media including video and installation will be accepted for judging to showcase the edge where adornment meets art.


Aimee Helen Koch, Shirt #7-23


Accepted Artists:
Aceptance Letter and Important Dates.

Aimee Helen Koch
Alan Neider
Amy Weiks
Armando Torres
Barbara Higgins
Bryn Mc Connell
Chris Dunker
Christie Reynolds
Claudia Lynch
Colleen Patterson
Courtney Nearburg
Darlyn Susan Yee
David Cantor aka David Foto
Diane Barton Bronstein
Dieter Runge
Donna Letterese
Elis Abeth Zaitseu
Erica Silzle
George Ann Bowers
Gerry Stecca
Haikuhie Tatary
Hiromi Tsuchiya
Hisano Takei
Janna Stern
Jeffrey Crussell
Jessica Tracy
Joan Mathison
Joanne Chase Mattillo
Johana Moscoso
Karin Mayer
Katherine Story
Kebe Fox
Kelly Erbstoesser
Laure Aron
Liza Botkin
Maddy Le Mel
Mary Tao
Michael Berkowitz
Nancy Harlan
Nicholas Fedak II
Pamela Diaz and Helene Hecht
Paula DiMarco
Renee Weiss Chase
Richard Bohn
Ruth Sirait


Claudia Grau opened her first store on Melrose Ave in 1979, with one of a kind clothes created by her wacky imagination. Her first commercial fashion hit was her “Depression wear” which was ' Mad Max' meets the Stone Age. Celebrities like Cher, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton, were regulars at the boutique. Later, Claudia designed what became her signature collection antique Japanese kimonos constructed into a patchwork fabric, and remade into tailored jackets. Noted as one of the top woman of personal style in designer Randolph Duke’s book: “The Look: Dressing from the inside Out”, Claudia has an eye for the unusual and has a flair for crossing the lines between Art and Fashion.


Catalog Available:




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