May 2010

In conjunction with the OC Imagination Celebration Arts Festival Music Concert: EMC #47 world music night

Saturday May 15th 2010, 8pm FREE

Press Release

The Eclectic Company Experience. This Santa Ana collective wants audiences to discover just how strange OC can sound, OC Weekly, by Nate Jackson, May 30th, 2010

Caravan to Pollenland (world music, electronica>
Premasoul (Indie / World / Jazz)
+ Live Performance

The Eclectic Music Concert #47 will feature performances by local talented So. Cal World Music Ensembles including: The blending of world music / middle eastern and elctronica with spoken word and performance art from “Caravan to Pollenland” and the Indie / World / Jazz of “PremaSoul”, whose music fuses ancient Indian melody with the soul of American music into an intoxicating mix of jazz harmonies, world rhythms, and original and traditional songs in several languages.


“INSIDE OUT” - A live collective performance "What defines beauty? What is Beauty?"

"Inside Out" explores the experience and perceptions of beauty by using the body as a vehicle of expression.

Through the process of transformation the performance troupe will elaborate on themes of self-indulgence and the desire for the attainment of material beauty - but - ultimately returning to the concept of internal beauty, reminding us, we are perfect, whole, and complete just the way we are. Audience participation is encouraged as we are asked to reveal our own concepts and ideas of beauty....

(note : this performance art piece involves some nudity which is veiled head to toe in white body paint.)

Accompanied by the improvisational music of Caravan to Pollenland and including words from a live audience feed stating what beauty is to them --- performers will intertwine symbols, choreography, and objects into a live collaborative painting performance.


Performers In white:
Roxanne Harpee
Renee Montesanti
Charles Caufman
Olivia Maria Lopez
Goldy Ivashkov
Toni Ivashkov
Andrew Michael
Katherine Aurora
Official interviewers:
Steven Scott Brown
Sati Sh
Alona Prokudina
Caravan to pollen land:
Darren Saravis
Brynn Fox
Jah amen
Mark Wheeler
Sharon Giarratano
Jason Villanueva


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