July 2011


A Journey into the 3rd Dimension

OCCCA 3D is a group show by artists affiliated with the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, an artist-run alternative space in Santa Ana, California. These intrepid experimentalists use all three dimensions to depict the subjective complexity of contemporary experience.

To express their ideas, their fears, and their dreams, to communicate the texture of existence in the here and now, they employ video, digital animation, light-boxes, assemblage, painting, ceramics, sound, baked goods and even their own bodies.

July 1-30, 2011

Opening Reception: July 2nd, 2011. 6pm to 10pm



Evalynn Alu/Jeff Alu
Stephen Anderson
Jeffrey Crussell
Leslie Davis
Kebe Fox
Jeffrey Frisch
Pamela Grau
Zoe Gruni
Melanie Kehoss
Joella March
Rob Mintz
David Ordaz
Dalibor Polivka
Lisa Popp
Sergio Salgado
Craig Sibley
Gregg Stone
Darlyn Susan Yee

EVALYNN ALU/JEFF ALU -  present a 4x4  "extruded" mixed media piece with video animation sequences projected onto its surface.  This experimental work deals with the interplay of 2D and 3D. 

STEPHEN ANDERSON - presents "10 Suggestions," a  synched video, broken concrete installation, 2011.  "After the post rapture(s), and given the current state of the world with all its complexities and distractions, I give to thee these 10 suggestions. (Because who likes to be 'commanded' anyways.)"

JEFFREY FRISH - creates dream vessels: "This is the largest one I've ever created..." His work calls on the viewer's hidden recesses of human spirit.  The series' imagery draws heavily from traditional marine aesthetic, vocabulary and architecture.   These vessels are not models nor are they functional, but rather full size assemblages in their own right.

PAMELA GRAU - is a painter working on 3D surfaces. In her new series "Strength, Beauty and Change" she explores transformation by utilizing rust and metal pigments on three dimensional surfaces. This new series began while being treated for cancer. Dealing with all the emotions and trials of recovery her work evolve into new mediums and directions. Documenting fragility had always been an element of her work but through her healing process it became more pronounced. She states that cancer was humbling experience but it provided many blessings and expansion. 

ZOE GRUNI - Copricorpo 1 (Carmen) is part of the project Copricorpo (2005-2007), a series of sculptures in continuous transformation.  Copricorpo (body-cover) body and sculpture melt give rise to hybrids.  Depending on the shape of the body, the sculpture changes, and vice versa. There is a fight between the inside and the container, bowels and skin, body and suits.

MELANIE KEHOSS - expands cut-out art into three dimensions in her painstakingly patterned light boxes. For this show, she presents three pieces that capture rituals of dining and imbibing in public space.

ROB MINTZ - presents a large portfolio of mixed media paintings on Arches paper along with several poems and statements placed nearby on pedestals: gallery-goers are invited to explore affinities between the visual and the literary. 

DALIBOR POLIVKA - presents "Cookies for Nicolas Bourriaud." Paraphrasing Horace, all men do not admire and love the same things (Denique non omnes eadem mirantur amantque). Installation: cookies, photography, pedestal, stickers, sound, video, reading. 

LISA POPP - presents "Random Tandem Timelines" - which mimic streams of consciousness linking our trains of thought together.  Over time associations between random words seen and heard form the beliefs, customs and value systems of our cultures, shaping the landscape of our lives. Existing like fragments in time, Lisa's use of clay depicts the topography of the mind, transcending our experiences.

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