september 2012

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OCCCA is a Proud Sponsor and Venue of the Third Annual OC Film Fiesta


September 1-16th, 2012

Films Screened at OCCCA on Sept 2nd, 15th & 16th will include:

Sunday Sept. 2nd @ 1pm

El Abuelo
Dir. Stephen Crutchfield
Special Guest: Louie Olivos, Jr.

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This award-winning 20-minute short film brings the storytelling of emerging director Stephen Crutchfield and acclaimed writer Stephen Metcalfe (studio writer of PRETTY WOMAN and MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS) to the screen in a tale about the mystery of human connection.

The narrative follows Nick, a young autistic boy, as he surveys the world in silence, eventually finding an unlikely friend in El Abuelo, an elderly Mexican migrant worker. Through the bond formed in their relationship, Nick’s silence is broken.

The film's star, Louie Olivos, Jr., will be in attendance for the screening

Sunday Sept. 2 @ 2pm

Indie Showcase
See a variety of shorts & animated films celebrating cultural diversity!

PLUS a post-film talk with local artists & filmmakers. Learn how to get started in the film biz!

Sunday Sept. 2 @ 3:30pm

Dir. Sean Fine and Andrea Nix
Special Guests: Inocente

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INOCENTE is an intensely personal and vibrant coming of age documentary about a young artist’s fierce determination to never surrender to the bleakness of her surroundings.

At 15, Inocente refuses to let her dream of becoming an artist be caged by her life as an undocumented immigrant forced to live homeless for the last nine years. Color is her personal revolution and its extraordinary sweep on her canvases creates a world that looks nothing like her own dark past – - a past punctuated by a father deported for domestic abuse, an alcoholic and defeated mother of four who once took her daughter by the hand to jump off a bridge together, an endless shuffle year after year through the city’s overcrowded homeless shelters and the constant threat of deportation.

Inocente will be in attendance for the screening with Matt D'Arrigo from ARTS (A Reason To Survive).

Saturday, Sept. 15 @ 1pm

The Greenhorns 
Dir. Severine von Tscharner Fleming

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The Greenhorns is a documentary film that explores the lives of America’s young farming community—its spirit, practices, and needs. As the nation experiences a groundswell of interest in sustainable lifestyles, we see the promising beginnings of an agricultural revival. Young farmers’ efforts feed us safe food, conserve valuable land, and reconstitute communities split apart by strip malls. It is the filmmakers's hope that by broadcasting the stories and voices of these young farmers, we can inspire another generation of optimistic agrarians.

Co-Presented with The Road Less Traveled and The Grain Project.

Saturday, Sept. 15 @ 3pm

Tin Tan
Dir. Francesco Taboada Tabone

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Germán Cipriano Gómez Valdés Castillo, better known as his famous character "Tin Tan," gained the attention of an entire continent through his "pachuco" style, use of Spanglish, and rapid, comedic improvisation. His talent as an actor, singer, dancer and comedian also helped establish the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. Through interviews with his family and members of the film industry who knew and worked with him, the story of Tin Tan is told as it never has been before.

Followed by an interactive Boogie Woogie dance demonstration.

Sunday, Sept. 16 @ 5:30pm

El Santo en el museo de cera (El Santo in the Wax Museum) 
Dir. Alfonso Corona Blake, Starring El Santo

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El Santo, the masked Mexican wrestler, investigates a series of kidnappings. He discovers that the mysterious Doctor Caroll is using the victims as part of his experiments to develop an army of monsters. Naturally, El Santo is able to overcome them all - with wrestling!

Sunday, Sept. 16 @ 7:00pm

Tales of Masked Men
Dir. Carlos Avila
Special Guest: Carlos Avila

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OC Premiere of a new PBS documentary exploring Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) and the tradition of the masked Mexican wrestler. A Film by Carlos Avila. Co-Produced & Edited by Thom Calderón.

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