December 2013


OCCCA stage @ The Patchwork Festival

Sunday Dec 1st, 11-5pm

Embark Dance Theatre:
4 Duets of Human Relationships (30 to 35 minutes)
Three, 30 minute performances: 12:30, 2pm, 3:30pm

We believe in the power of collaboration and the beauty of combined efforts. We work to trust each other whole heartedly. We have come to realize that trust is the component necessary for risk. Risk is what it takes to uncover new territory.

We are not looking to redefine dance. Instead, we want to discover, incorporate and polish movements that are inherent to each of our bodies in order to communicate a true emotion and feeling. A genuine environment allows dance and art to thrive. Dance (and art in general), has a way of holding a mirror up to each of us while at the same time helping us see our potential. We enjoy that duality and work to embody both. Both are completely necessary in order to change and grow.

Embark Dance Theatre is the brain child of three graduates of the Cal State Fullerton’s Bachelor of Arts Dance Program. Co-Artistic directors, Kelsey Jenson and Timaeus Le, and myself, Executive director, Amy Tabback, came together to give ourselves and dancers a place to voice a common passion for artistry in the language of dance. Within the first 6 months of organization, EDT is an incorporated non-profit corporation and we are well on our way to becoming a 501 (c) 3, tax exempt entity. We are based in Brea, California, at Momentum Dance Studios, which has been so kind to house EDT. As we grow together, as one company, we hope to hold onto this incredibly palpable energy and sensitivity to life we feel on this journey.

Jennifer Harnett, Jennifer Tuss, Eric Harper, Jonathan Kim, Rebeca Montecino, Brittany Ruiz, Ana Vazquez, Kaitlin Wright

Performing Apprentice: Heidi Drinkward
Apprentice: Carissa Montes
Exectutive Director: Amy Tabback
Artistic Directors: Kelsey Jenson, Timaeus Le


The Gong Temple:
Ron and Michelle Angel
will perform before and between sets

The vibrations produced by large gongs have profound and penetrating effects on the mind and body. We have created the The Gong Temple to provide you with the fullest and richest experience of these effects. You lie comfortably on a massage table, surrounded by gongs. As we play the gongs, you are enveloped in harmonic sound vibrations. Your body is stimulated by deep soothing vibrations, resulting in a hypnotic, trance-like relaxation. During the playing, the gongs not only generate constantly shifting harmonics themselves, but they also interact with each other, enhancing the sonic experience. This soundscape rivets your attention. The past and future fall away, leaving only the eternal present moment. A Gong Temple session can be brief yet effective. A session as short as 5 minutes can generate a profound experience. Of course, longer sessions, up to an hour, yield even more benefits. If you have not yet experienced the intimate, scintillating effects of gongs, you owe it to yourself to try it. And if you have had a Gong Temple experience, you will want to repeat it, perhaps for a longer session.



The meaning of the band’s name -- ¡Aparato! -- or Machine! in English (taken from a Cafe Tacvba song), stands in stark contrast to what the group offers: a cry to feel things deeply, to let go of all terrestrial limitations, routines, and simply be held up by air.

¡Aparato!’s music evokes something in the collective memory of all people -- the counter narrative, the quejido, the story untold but always present. In Cat’s voice there is an unflinching confrontation with pain, the protest of a Maria Lando, the female immigrant speaker in “Kriminal”, the steadfast power of a strong woman. The articulate, post-punk inspired instrumentation of Calderon and Hernandez Gutierrez provide an artful reminder that life goes on even in the face of deep pain, even when we’re not ready.


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