December 2013



The Search

Dec 7, 2013- Jan 11th, 2014

Opening Receptions:

Saturday, December 7th, 2013, 6-10pm

Saturday, January 4th, 2014, 6-10pm


This exhibition features the work of artists who are inspired and influenced by the impressive and invaluable discoveries and explorations carried out by NASA's  Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), located in Pasadena, CA.


Members of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art have been creating bold pieces based on their interpretations of specific ideas related to space travel and exploration.  In addition, numerous Los Angeles and Orange County-based artists have been asked to join us on this wild ride into the outer-reaches of the mind and the universe.


Don Davis, Tunguska
Don Davis, "Tunguska"


In addition, we are proud and honored to include a number of amazing works by members of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA).  Quoted from their manifesto:

"Space art serves the most basic function of fine art, that of inspiration. It directs our focus toward the space frontier, where human destiny inevitably lies. We are in the midst of a human adventure that will be remembered when the international squabbles of our century are long forgotten. We are stepping off ancestral earth and learning what wonders and resources are scattered throughout the starlit blackness of space. It is an adventure for artists, scientists and all mankind."


Dan Van Clapp, "Rocket Launch"


Featured scientist talk: Eugene Francis Lally, inventor of the original digital camera and past project manger of JPL'sVoyager 1 and Voyager 2, and well as a collaborator with the SETI Program and DOD think tank. Eugene will give informative presentations at each of our opening receptions.

Lally began designing spacecraft exploratory missions while in college before Sputnik and before the Space Race with the U.S.S.R. After Sputnik in 1957 he published initial design concepts of spacecraft missions to explore the Moon, planets,planetary moons, comets and asteroids for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The concepts became flight programs 10, 20, to 30 years later. He proposed Manned Mars Missions in the early 1960's that were scheduled for the mid 1970s using nuclear propulsion rockets with artificial gravity for the crew. Theconcept included the first use of a camera in the digital domain for onboard spacecraft navigation and guidance. The camera was designed eventually for unmanned spacecraft missions and for ground and spaceborne telescope focal planes and later led to the consumer digital camera. His manned Mars missions were cancelled when the Nixon administration decided to go with the Space Shuttle program instead.

He continues his spacecraft designs and over the past few years he has proposed designs to discover the first evidence of extraterrestrial life by exploring for life-formson newly discovered exoplanets orbiting distant stars. The spacecraft will use infrared spectroscopic investigationsof their atmospheres. The results will be evaluated by his "Extraterrestrial Life-forms Probability Index". After fiftyyears of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, University of Berkeley) using radio astronomy and NASAusing planetary lander spacecraft with no results, he came up with using optical rather than radio techniques to solve the problem.


Jeff T. Alu, "Wormhole"


Artists Included:

OCCCA Member Artists:

Jeff Alu, Evalynn Alu, Stephen Anderson, Alyssa Arney, Rich Bohn, Victoria Chapman, Leslie Davis, Kebe Fox, Diana Frawley, Jeff Frisch, Michael Giancristiano, Echo Lew, Joella March, Rob Mintz, Christina Ponce, Robin Repp, Craig Sibley, Gregg Stone.

Guest Artists:

Cindy Beatteay, Brian Cho, Luke and Ginger Van Hook, Nancy Curan, Dan Van Clapp, David Eli Vaughn and Steve Fujimoto. 

Members of the International Association of Astronomical Artists:

Richard Bizley, Michael Carroll, Don Davis, Don Dixon, Marilynn Flynn, Mark Garlick, Ron Miller, Walt Myers and Lucy West


Steve Fujimoto, "Request for Deviation/Waiver"

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