november 2020

Crisis Mode

Online Exhibition: November 1 - December 31, 2020

Virtual opening reception video link

Covid, cops, cabin fever, eco-catastrophe, and sexual politics --- in the art of our moment. Beyond the headlines, there is heroism and humor. In Crisis Mode, artists create individual expressions of shared experiences, fears and fantasies. Behind public events, private sorrows. Crisis Mode memorializes the present tense --- and points to tomorrow. It's personal now. It's time to write the history of the future.


Juried by: Lucia Olubunmi Momoh,
Curatorial Assistant UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive

Essay: Crisis Mode | artistic narratives of resilience

Lucia Olubunmi Momoh joined BAMPFA in January 2019. She has since supported several exhibitions, including Ron Nagle: Handsome Drifter, Rosie Lee Tompkins: A Retropective, and Sylvia Fein / MATRIX 275. She performed as lead curator for Peace Now! and the 2019 art installation at University House for Chancellor Carol Christ. Lucia was a recipient of the 2019 American Association of Museum Curators Conference Travel Fellowship for Junior Curators. She previously worked as a curatorial fellow at the New Orleans Museum of Art and is a contributing writer for The Iron Lattice. Her research explores the role of early American portraits, especially those depicting Americans of African descent, and the formation of national identities.


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Featured Artists

Hila Abada, Robyn Alatorre, Evalynn J. Alu, Jacqueline Alvarino, Stephen Anderson, Eva Andry, Rafael Arrocha, Brandin Barón, Guillermo Bejarano, Jo Ann Block, Karol Blumenthal, Richard Bohn, Kit Boyce, Amy Brown, Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik, Kelly Burke, Penny Cagney, Federica Campagnari, Larry Caveney, Vivian Wenhuey Chen, Craig Cheply, Sapira Cheuk, Mia Cinelli, James Connors, Eric Conrad, Tara Daly, Erik Deerly, Carlos Encinas, Danielle Festa, Ellen Finan, Michele Foyer, Matt Frantz, Susan Frazier, Jeffrey Frisch, Tony Gangitano, Jean Gaul, Stacey Gregory, Lucia Grossberger Morales, Emily Halpern, Michael Hemphill, David Hennage, Gina Herrera, John Hogan, Pauline Hudel Smith, Beverly Jacobs, Colleen M Kelly, George Kennedy, Taehee Kim, Kent Klaudt, Jacqueline Knell, Brad Kopp, Debbie Korbel, Martine Mahoudeau, Dana Mano-Flank, Crystal Marshall, Eric McGhie, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Kerry Mitchell, Andrea Moni, Chad Morris, Abram Moya Jr, Nelson Munares, Serina Nakazawa, Lollie Ortiz, Peter Patchen, Stephanie Pelzer, Maria Powys Heiser, Robin Repp, Mila Reynaud, Launa D. Romoff, Karrie Ross, Brian Row, Maritza Ruiz-Kim, Miguel Saludes, Peter Schachter, Jared Schwartz, Craig Screven, Helen Seigel, Tanja Skala, Michael Sumner, Nirali Thakker, Julie Thompson-Dobkin, Winnie van der Rijn, Maureen Vastardis, Kurt Weston, April Williams, Brady Willmott, Jeremy Woodard, Richard Wynne, Kathleen Youngquist, Susan Zimmerman, Jim Zver


Selected Artists and work:

Links to Video pieces:

Erik Deerly
Power Will Fall

Taehee Kim 
The Darkness


David Hennage
The Many Facets of Trump's Pandemic

Andrea Moni 
Essence of Me


Lucia Grossberger Morales
Morphing Mother of the Andes

Lucia Grossberger Morales


Abram Moya Jr 
We don't forget - EDUCATE

Stephanie Pelzer
How to Cope

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