february 2021

Car Culture

February 6 - March 20, 2021
Juror: Bryan Barcena, Assistant Curator The Museum of Contemporary Art

360 degree tour for Car Culture

Video from Car Culture Zoom Reception Feb. 6

Piecing together a picture of ‘Car Culture’ at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. LA Times By Vera Castaneda, February 18. 2021

CAR CULTURE is a juried exhibition that pays homage to the hot-rodders, the low-riders, pin-stripers, skate-boarders, devisers and designers of trick bicycles and fabricators of custom motorcycles. CAR CULTURE celebrates tail fins, roadside attractions, smog-choked freeways — the good, the bad and the beautiful. Everyone has a car story. Start your engines. Pedal to the metal. You’ll be in fast company.


Mila Reynaud


Featured Artists

Hugo Almanza, Marea Atkinson, Marla Barrett, Pej Behdarvand, Richard Bohn, Nikita Budkov, Bob Conge, Scott Nelson Foster, Luis Garcia, Dave Hanson, Peter Hassen, Peter Hiers, Tom Lamb, Gregory Martin, John Oleinik, Levon Parian, Mila Reynaud, Rick Rietveld, Gigi Salij, Earl Shepherd, Rhiannon Valenti, Maura Valentine, Vanessa Viruet, Todd Wallace, Michael Ward, Lisa D. Watson, Carolyn Yarnell, Carol Zou.


Peter Hassen



Car Culture Juror Statement
Bryan Barcena
Assistant Curator
The Museum of Contemporary Art

Any exhibition that relates to automobile culture must make an attempt to coalesce a theme around an object that is at once banal and yet the object of fantasy, aspiration, and joy. How can a work of contemporary art address our multifaceted relationship to these objects, while also pointing towards the larger culture of which these objects are products? In jurying the call for this exhibition, my goal was to select artworks that suggested a wider understanding of our relationship with cars, one that took into account the activities that happen in and around the object, the lives that are affected by the access they provide, and the complicated future that may lie ahead of us because of their impact. Rather than examine these marvels of design and engineering as sacred objects to be adored, I sought out artworks that alluded to a more complex relationship, highlighting the range of emotions provoked by these indelible objects, from delight, to fear, fascination, dread, anxiety, desire, and exhilaration.


Carolyn Yarnell


Carol Zou - Video



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