March 2021

Shane Guffogg:
"40 Years of Self-Portraits"

March 27 - April 24, 2021
Curated by Victoria Chapman

Video from Zoom reception

360 degree tour to view Shane Guffogg: 40 Years of Portraits

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Shane Guffogg: “40 Years of Self-Portraits”

The exhibition by Shane Guffogg, "40 Years of Self-Portraits,” explores the self-portraits that Guffogg started in 1981 and continues through to the present. This exhibition is literally a 40-year visual exploration of the artist’s psyche, beginning as a teenager, full of hope and dreams, to a mature mid-career artist who's career has taken him to many countries, that have included retrospectives in Italy, Russia and Azerbaijan. The works range from drawings to paintings to sculpture and are autobiographical portraits of his emotions, some in the purest sense, while referencing art history as his backdrop.

Guffogg continuously quotes from and appropriates different artistic styles to explore the unspoken dialogue between his subconscious and conscious mind. The drawings, pastels, watercolors, oil paintings, sculptures, sketch books, and text (quotes from the artist) range from painterly neo-expressionism to renaissance realism. It is post-modern mix of representational and abstract works that will take the viewer on a journey through art history and the evolution of the artist own perceptions of life and how love, loss, anxiety and happiness are seen and felt.

What is really interesting and quite unique about this exhibition is that Guffogg is widely recognized for his abstract paintings. What few people know is that throughout his career he has also been using and referencing his own image to investigate the human condition while looking at his own life personal experiences that have shaped and informed who he is as an artist.







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