august 2009:




August 1 - 29, 2009

Opening Reception: August 1, 2009 from 6-10pm

Saturday August 29th 6-10


The DIRECTIONS project is an exhibition curated by Jeffrey Crussell, which includes a group of 11 artists interpreting 55 specific directions in order to produce individual works of art at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, California in August 2009.



Ann Tracy Lopez
Connie Sasso
Dali Polivka
Danica Ristow
David Michael Lee
Deb Swett
Franscoise Issaly
Jeffrey Crussell
Pamela GrauTwena
Richard Turner
YaYa Chou


Each artist has worked in a vacuum absorbing and interpreting the DIRECTIONS in order to produce their final piece. They were asked not to discuss the project with anyone during the course of the year and each artist’s identity was carefully guarded. On several occasions the artists are asked to incorporate time and date sensitive DIRECTIONS that would assemble them at the same city park or street corner to perform a task of gathering information that would be used in their final piece.

The yearlong project started in June 2008 with the delivery of a packet of DIRECTIONS describing in detail the development of 10 specific shapes and topics. Read the original DIRECTIONS packet at www.crussell.com/art_directions01.html. Although at first glance the DIRECTIONS feel confining and rigid the artists later became to understand the unlimited opportunities for expression and interpretation while stretching the boundaries of their own initial concepts.

Jeffrey Crussell selected the artists based on their varied styles and skills. Many of the artists have work in multiple mediums, which include the ability to paint, sculpt, photograph, draw, produce a video and assemble an installation.

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