Current Exhibition

Surrealism Now!

Exhibition Dates: July 8-August 20, 2022
Second Opening:
Saturday August 6 - 6:00-10:00 pm
In conjunction with the Santa Ana Artwalk

Exhibition: Surrealism Now!

It has risen from the crypt of art history, the only art movement relevant to our tortured times. Surrealism’s rank perfume permeates the galleries, the cinemas and the streets. Surrealism Now!is a sinister cabaret, full of dreamers with eyes closed, sitting at the same table as insomniacs with nightmares. Those artists that heard the siren song of Surrealism emanating from the angel trumpets of despair, indulged our insatiable desire for a gesture of defiance against everything that’s false and stupid. Surrealism Now! carries the torch for mad love, psychedelic art, crazed science, Medievalism, Romanticism, Victoriana, Punk, the uncanny, the grotesque, obsolete technology, and the eternal clash of the sacred with the profane. Robert Mintz

Juror: Andi Campognone is the Director of the MOAH, Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA

Selected Artists:
Veronica An, Marthe Aponte, A.S. Ashley, Randy Baker, Marcie Begleiter, Kelley Benes, JT Burke, Michael Chesler, K.L. DeHart, Jeanne Dunn, Pennie Fien, Voytek Glinkowski, Rob Grad, Karen Hochman Brown, Kathleen Kaplan, Shelley Kommers, Claudia Kunin, Laura and Dean Larson, Michael Lasater, Chris Loomis, Stevie Love, Hanna Makkonen, Don Manderson, Dana Mano-Flank, Andrea Moni, Robert Nelson, Lori Pond, Donnal Poppe, Maria Powys Heiser, Annabella Pritchard, Ishan Rao, Constance Rawlins, Robin Repp, Samuelle Richardson, Michelle Robinson, Preeti Schaden, Cory Sewelson, Kerrie Smith, Adam Strange, Kira Vollman, Brent Walker.




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