January 6 through January 27, 2024

Addressing the themes of migration and displacement from a wide variety of perspectives; works by 28 artists.

Co-curators Annette Cyr and Rebecca Shippee.
PARTICIPATING ARTISTS:Eliseo Silva, Katayoun Vaziri, Jordan Wong, Abed Shalabi, Marcel Alcala, Amir Saadiq, Jann Nunn, Sterling Wells, Jenny Gagalka, Enrique Martinez Celaya, Abbey Williams, Carol Anne Mcchrystal, Cynthia Phillips, Cameron Coffman, Julie Yeo, Debra Vodhanel, Thai Bui, Freddy Villalobos, Crys Yin, Jose Sarinana, Eleanor Aldrich, Samar Alsemeiry, Cynthia Underwood, Mookwon Han, Kunlin He, Yoshie Sakai, Carlos Vielma, Sichong Xie.

Urban Expression

Feb. 3, 2024- March 23, 2024

From Basquiat to Zezão, street art, born from the spirit of rebellion and creative resilience, serves as a conduit for marginalized voices. International call for art.

Juror Kelly "RISK" Graval.
PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Orell Anderson, Timothy Armstrong, Audineh Asaf, Aaron Bernard, Leslie Brown, Diane Cockerill, Gianne de Genevraye, Voytek Glinkowski, Tanner Goldbeck, Rob Grad, Kara Greenwell, Brian Hernandez E.E. Jacks, Nicola Katsikis, Jason Leith, Kathe Madrigal, Don Manderson, Debra Manville, Stuart McCall, Maidy Morhous, Veru Narula, Robin Repp, Gareth Seigel, Stephanie Sydney, Randy Wheeler, Elyse Wyman.

In Search of the Third Feather of Simurgh

April 6 through April 27, 2024

OCCCA artist and Iranian immigrant Soheila Siadate presents a powerful art exhibition heavily influenced by the expansion of brutalities that have persisted many years under the current dictatorial government in Iran.

Spirit Possession

June 1 through June 29, 2024

Spirit Possession is a Celebration of Ghanian Faces, African Culture, and Heritage. A collaboration of two documentary image-makers, Thomas Fynn and Tom Lamb joined with Allyson Allen, Master African-American textile artist, and Culture Bearer, who creates unique hand quilted textiles. Lamb traveled to Ghana in 2023, 25 years after his last visit, where he and Fynn traveled the country creating this interactive collection of images.

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