Call for art


The Anthropocene Epiphany: Art and Climate Change

Entry deadline: May 30, 2021 

Notification of accepted entries: June 9, 2021

Exhibition July 3-August 21, 2021

Delivery of artwork: June 24, 25, 26, 27, 2021, shipped or hand-delivered, between the hours of 12:00 and 5:00. 

Pickup of artwork after the exhibition: Saturday August 21, 5-7pm and Sunday August 22, 2021. 12:00-5:00 PM 

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The Anthropocene is a new geologic era marked by the impact of human activity on the Earth. The term is gaining currency among curators and critics as artists confront the global climate crisis. In the Anthropocene Epiphany, highly accomplished creatives point the way toward a sustainable future. All media will be considered, including painting, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture, video, installations, craft, fashion, architecture, functional objects, and art made from recycled materials. The Anthropocene Epiphany also seeks social practice projects, as well as the documentation of scientific expeditions and interventions. Many artists have become like anthropologists exploring an unknown territory.

Toxic hybrids of animals, humans, and plants inhabit this new Eden. With the cataclysmic effects of pollution, massive terra-forming of the land, dislocated populations, dwindling natural resources, mass extinctions, floating islands of trash, poisoned water, the shrinking Arctic, fire, floods and famine — no wonder artists are nostalgic for the beauty of Nature. The Anthropocene’s uncanny apocalypse forces us to live in two time scales, the mundane and the gigantic. As art melds with other disciplines such as neuroscience and bioengineering, galleries become post-human laboratories for the study of molecular life. Eco-feminists critique the patriarchy. Indigenous peoples articulate a fervent desire for climate justice. Is the Earth a sacred site? Shamans and scientists agree that humanity can only exist within the matrix of nature. Contemporary artists convey the enormity of a multi-faceted ecological catastrophe past the tipping point in The Anthropocene Epiphany, An Open Call for Art From OCCCA. All media welcomed.


Juror: Erika Hirugami, MAAB, BA(s). Curator
CEO CuratorLove • Executive Director of AHSC

Erika Hirugami holds a Masters Degree in Art Business from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in conjunction with Claremont Graduate University, and Bachelor of Arts Degrees from UCLA in Art History, Chicano and Mexican Studies. She is the Executive Director of the Art Historians of Southern California, and the CEO of CuratorLove, a curatorial platform that collaborates directly with artists, galleries, museums, alternative spaces, art councils, startups and corporations to produce innovative exhibitions internationally.


Accepted Artists and Pieces:

1. Luciana Abait Wheel II 2020 Mixed media on wood panel 40in x 60in $5,000

2. Luciana Abait Scaffold II 2019 Mixed media on paper 12in x 18in $900

3. Luciana Abait Red Sky 2019 Mixed media on paper 10in x 18in $900

4. Jeff Alu Decomposing 2012 Digital Photography 30” x 18” 450

5. Stephen Anderson Buy Consume Spend 2019 working clock on wood 6in x 6in 350

6. Stephen Anderson Cause the Problem Fix the Problem 2018 working clock on wood 6in x 6in 350

7. Brandin Barrera Where Can I Find the Phantom Oasis in Desert Sands? (Bosch) 2018 digital illustration and screen print on parchment with ink, gouache, chalk pastel and enamel, 12x17in framed 600

8. Catherine Bennaton Summer in Hades 2020 Acrylic on panel 11in x14in 700.00

9. Aurora Bewicke Fabrica 2021 Mixed media 16in x 20in x 1in $600

10. Jeremy Blair Downpour 2019 Paper 11inx14in $250

11. Jeremy Blair Fiddlehead 2019 Paper 11inx14in $250

12. Jeremy Blair Uproot 2019 Paper 8inx10in $150

13. richard bohn One More Brand/Concentration Game 2021 coasters, museum putty 12x7x8ft nfs

14. richard bohn Symbolic Tree 2021 Wood, Glass, Metal, Ceramic 5x5x6.5ft $4200

15. De Lane Bredvik Ragnarok Anthropocene 2017-2018 Semi-gloss paint ove matte paint of same color, Golden interference paint. Depends on size of available gallery wall. 0

17. Annie Clavel Cosmic Microwave Background 2019 mixed media on canvas 48inx36in 4500

18. Melanie Cone Smog sunrise I 2000 Wool/mixed fibers 6.5inx8.5in (9inx12in frame) $1000

19. Melanie Cone Smog sunrise II 2000 Polypropylene/Mixed fibers 6.5inx8.5in (9inx12in frame) $1000

20. Taylor de Lench The Winter River 2020 Pigment ink on Baryta Image size: 36x63in / Framed: 40x67in $3,500

21. Benjamin Dobbin New Rules 2020 Digital Fine Art, Archival print on Di Bond Aluminium 59x59 in (2in depth) 5985.00

22. Benjamin Dobbin Petri Stack 2020 Digital Fine Art, Archival print on Di Bond Aluminium 36x36in 2150

23. Benjamin Dobbin Flip Sides VI 2020 Digital Fine Art, Archival print on Di Bond Aluminium 36x36in 2150.00

24. Janet Dreyer Ouroboros I 2020 loomed glass seed beads mounted on canvas 11 x 17 inches $950

25. Janet Dreyer Ouroboros II 2020 loomed glass seed beads mounted on canvas 11 x 17 inches $950

26. Ned Drummond Six Feet Under 1: Boston 2020 Alcohol ink on laser-cut basswood 10in x 13in $3,700

27. Jeanne Dunn East of Eden 2018 archival pigment prints, ink, collage on museum mat 22.5 x 28 inches 2500.00

28. Jeanne Dunn Giants in the Earth 2019 Archival pigment prints, ink, collage on museum mat 17 x 14 inches 950.00

29. Paul Ford Endangered Vaquita: Diego's Dos Delfinas 2019 Acrylic paint on sanded board 14in x 11in $1,600

30. Philip Foster The Point of a Village 2011 Photo 24 x 8.5 300

Fatima Franks Pink Sky and Flying Fish Digital Mixed Media 1500

31. Katerie Gladdys & Douglas Barrett Eccentric Grids: Mapping the Managed Forest: Monetizing Trace 2019 US dollar bills and saw dust variable, site-specific-8ftx6ftx6ft NFS

32. Jon Goldman The Measure of Truth 2021 Ink on paper building plans 20inx 45in 3,000

33. Kara Greenwell I Lived 2021 Mixed Media on Canvas 24in x 24in $600

34. Heather Harris Many Tongues 2021 natural watercolor + mixed media 25in x 37in x 1.5in 1050

35. Heather Harris Reverberations 2021 natural watercolor + mixed media 17in x 21in x 1.5in 750

36. Myles Harrison "In my Eyes" 2019 Analog collage on paper and framed. 8x10 $100

37. Hugo Heredia Barrera Pasaje a lo Infinito 2020 Fused and fragmented recycled glass with recycled metal wire cable and bulb light 8’ x 4’ x 4’ $60,000

38. Hugo Heredia Barrera Liberated soul 2019 Fused recycled glass with recycled metal wire cable 7’ x 5’ x 8’’ $70,000

39. Alex Hernandez Canyon Fire 2019 Framed Archival Print 30 inches by 36 inches $450.00

40. Alex Hernandez Woolsey Fire 2019 Framed Archival Print 31 inches x 25 inches $300

41. Barbara Inbody ‘Comfort in confusion 2020 Mixed 30 x30 $1200

42. Beverly Jacobs Topsy Turvy 2019 Stoneware clay, steel pole, found brick 6in H x 8in D x 17in H NFS

43. Caroline P M Jones Cloud Forest Jade 2021 oil on canvas 24in x24in $6,200

44. Caroline P M Jones Cloud Forest QR Code 2021 QR Code, text, 5inx5in nfs

45. Caroline P M Jones Jade Mountain 2020 Ceramic, glaze, black mountain. 14in x 14inx 26in $8,000

46. Marina Joyce Vortex 2020 Cut paper and ink on panel 36in x 36in $15000.00 47. J. J. L'Heureux Water 6 2016 Photograph 14inh x 20inw

48. Lily La Bare House on Mediterranean Street 2019 File cabinet, old school photos, keys, doll heads, Old herb test tubes, brass donkies 40inH x 12inW x 12inD NFS

50. larry lytle The End: A Play in 5 Acts 2021 Archival Inkjet 57in x 17in 500

51. Jeane Kat McGrail Reunion: Reconstruction Spheres 2020 Piezo on Archival Paper 16in x 20in $625.00

52. Jeane Kat McGrail Reverie: Reconstruction Spheres 2019 Piezo on Archival Paper 16in x 20in $625.00

53. Jeane Kat McGrail Oblivious: Reconstruction Spheres 2020 Piezo on Archival Paper 16in x 20in $625.00

54. Maidy Morhous Hope 2018 bronze sculpture none 2,450

55. Lowell Nickel Chop Chop 2020 ceramic and wood 64inx32inx34in 2,000

56. Thomas Pickarski Ice Carnival 2017 Oil on stretched canvas, black wood floater frame 25x37 3,200.00

57. Dalibor Polivka SOS_ Humanity 2021 foil 60x30x20(variable) 1000

58. Kimberly Pratt Breaking Point 2015 acrylic, polymer, resin,sculpting medium 24.50x60 1250

59. Julia Rigby Upwelling 2020 metal 36inx48inx15in $99 60. Regan Rosburg dear future 2020 film/video 5:11 NFS

61. Pallavi Sharma Beej/Seed 2019 The material: Wire, Used fabrics, Wax coated seeds, and Twines 60in (W) x 60in (L) x 120in (H) (Variable) $3000

62. Pallavi Sharma Beyond Rituals 2010 Bathroom tissue rolls, traditional Indian vessels 60in (w) x 20in (depth) x 40in (h) (variable) NFS

63. Sandra Shaw Sacred Shrouds 2021 Acrylic on a gessoed Baltic wood face panel with a smooth wood cradle, gold wire, and burned wood 20in x 20in $3,000

64. Emily Stevenson Flower Bed (FB) 19th c. photographic paper NA NA

65. Agata Szuba Inside / OUTSIDE 2020 photography serie 200 x 130 cm 1000 Euro

66. Agata Szuba Inside / OUTSIDE 2020 photography serie 200 x 130 cm 1000 Euro

67. Bethany Taylor Against the Reckless 2017 Jaquard Woven Drawing 54in X 80 in 3,000

68. Bethany Taylor Silence 2017 Jaquard Woven Drawing 54in X 80 in 3,000

69. maureen vastardis Withered 2020 Photograph on archival paper 16x20 $350.00

70. Lynn Waelde Jacaranda Remains 2018 Metal photograph 11in X 14in $175

71. Jonathan Ware Writing 2020 Encaustic on canvas 20in x 20in 1,500

72. Jonathan Ware Codex 2018 Encaustic on canvas 20in x 20in 2,000

73. Jonathan Ware Invincible Summer 2019 Encaustic and oil on panel 12in x 12in 1,500

74. Sakinno Wu Awe 2018 Collage 16 inch X 20 inch 1500






Entry Instructions:

Open calls for art are open to all artists without regional restrictions. 


117 N. Sycamore Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 715-667-1517 


Online only via the EntryThingy website. 

Minimum: $45.00 for up to three JPGs. $90.00 for six JPGs.
Maximum allowed: nine JPGs for $100.00. (A savings of $35.00) 

(All entry fees help support OCCCA, an artist-run, non-profit arts organization, serving the community since 1980.) 

1. Please keep each file size under 10mb (megabytes)*
2. Uploaded in .jpg format only.
4. You can upload up to 3 additional images per piece for installations or other 3D work or to include a detail view.

*Note images uploaded may be used for PR, so it is in your best interest to include a press ready hi-res jpeg image (300dpi)

Video entries:
1. Each video must be no larger than 1,000mb (megabytes),
2. uploaded in mp3, mov, mp4 and wmv formats only.
Or include a link of the video on a host site (i.e. youtube, vemio, or on your website).

For video entries, upload in mp3, mov, mp4 and wmv formats only. If selected, the artist must send either a media player (Micca) with the video on a thumbdrive or a self-looping DVD of the video, to enable OCCCA to easily display it during the exhibition. 

Notification to the artists of the selected artworks will be via email from Be sure to check your spam folder. 

Participating artists are responsible for their own insurance. OCCCA does not provide 
insurance. OCCCA shall not be responsible for damage or loss to artwork from any cause at OCCCA, or during shipping. 

OCCCA will retain a 40% commission on all sales.

All artwork may be photographed for promotional and other purposes. 

Artwork may be hand delivered only on the days and during the hours specified. 


Artist shall include a pre-paid, return-shipping label for the return of their artwork. This is a bar-coded label purchased at the time of shipment, and shall be included inside the package, or attached to the exterior in a sleeve. 

Please Read: *Shipping and Packing information

Thank you for your entry! 

Please download and fill out the entry tag and attach to your artwork. 

Participating artists hereby release OCCCA, its members, agents and officers from all liability, damages, or injury while on OCCCA premises. 


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