March 2011

Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography


Exhibiting the beauty and edginess that comes out of the minds of some of the world's best iPhone photographers, OCCCA is excited to present Pixels: The Art of iPhone Photography

March 31 - April 28, 2011

Opening: Saturday, April 2, 2011, 6 PM-10 PM

Jurors: Knox Bronson and Jeff T. Alu, Daniel Berman, and Maia Panos


All of the photos in this exhibition were shot and processed using an iPhone camera. Unique vision along with the vast selection of photo-processing applications available on the iPhone has allowed each artist to create stunning images which reflect their true personalities. From minimal to abstract, black and white to extreme color, subtle to hard graphic, true emotion can be found in these photos.

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"The iPhone IS a simple, limited, almost awful camera, which is part of its great allure for me personally. I also love the apps we use to manipulate the images. Every iphonographer has a "toolkit" of apps he or she favors. The images we see are not manipulated as those in advertisements, or fashion magazines, or playboy, to sell something, but rather to bring out the greater truth of the image for the artist - and this is where, as much as the initial shot, the artist's personality emerges. The rule for the show (and our website) is no manipulation on a computer. It is a mistake, though an easy one to make, to compare iPhontography to traditional photography. It is a new medium, which begins with the photographic process." 
-Curator Knox Bronson


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