october 2021


October 2 – 30, 2021
Reception: Saturday, October 2


Contemporary with what? — has become the question of the day. The most advanced contemporary artists now express ideas bigger than themselves. The Anthropocene has provoked a crisis of consciousness as artists engage with other forms of life. At the same time, all the old assumptions about art are critiqued as art history’s treasure trove of images is raided to say what needs to be said. There is no longer an ineluctable forward march of art history, but something has changed again, altering our perspective on the past. The post-modern condition cannot be easily wished away — or today’s crisis of human scale that causes us to ask: what is real?

UFORA'S IMAGINARY MUSEUM is a project of Rob Mintz and Dalibor Polivka, exploring individual art history territories; symbioses and adversity of cultural spaces; modes of artistic expressions of sociocene, capitalocene in the era of the colonization of the universe.


About UFORA:
UFORA is a platform created in 2009 by independent artists Dalibor Polivka and Rob Mintz designed to explore the global context of contemporary art. UFORA conducts innovative collaborations with local institutions, art groups and individual artists. UFORA presents projects designed to augment personal exchanges between human beings, creating situations conducive to the formulation of new paradigms, energized by a participatory atmosphere. UFORA gathers evidence of artistic interventions, independent field-work and renegade provocations.

The Unreality of UFORA Book Link.


Dali Polivka
Kensett Scene, Mixed media on canvas


Rob Minz, UNTITLED, Mixed Media

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