May 2004:

Ink Under Pressure

An exciting juried show that explores contemporary printmaking.
Show includes the artwork of 52 national and international printmakers

Juror Patrick Merrill

May 1st - 30th, 2004


Juror’s Statement
Anyone can say, “this is better,” but that pronouncement always says more about the speaker than the work - revealing bias, prejudice, conditioning. I bring this understanding with me when I curate or jury an exhibit.

I can’t be truly objective. I believe objectivity in art is a myth. Art must speak to me. I look for the narrative. I look for an intentionality, a philosophy.

Process is akin to play for me and while it has its place I don’t see it as serious art. I place content before form. I ask that the formal structures support and inform the narrative especially when that narrative is the formal structure itself.

I want to be caught up in a dialogue with the artist. I want to be intrigued. I prefer enigma over solution.


Patrick Merrill is an artist, a master printer and a curator.

He has been exhibiting since 1971. That was the year he returned from Viet Nam awash in all the angst generated by that war.

His work is in the national museums of Chongqing, China, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria as well as collections throughout the United States.

His early training included mentoring by Atelier 17 and Tamarind trained printers as well as a five year immersion in all the commercial printing processes. In 1981 Merrill established Pat Merrill Fine Art Prints and by 1986 it was a fully equipped printmaking facility specializing in etchings, woodcuts, collographs and monoprints.

The beginning of his curatorial career was in 1993 when Merrill worked with Miriam Shapiro in curating a national exhibit entitled "Issues of Oppression". In 1997 he became the Director and Curator of the 4500 sq.ft. Kellogg University Art Gallery at California State University, Pomona.



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