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Music For Your Eyes

February 3 - March 10, 2018

Peter Frank Juror


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RESULTS, pieces shown below are accepted. Letters have gone out based on each piece status and to the email you used when registering, (email will be from so you may receive accepted and non-accepted entries. If accepted only one piece was selected. Check your spam folders. Thank you to all that entered!


1. Lillian Abel, Arctic Wind
2017 Oil on Wood, executed with pallet knife and custom mixed colors. 9in x 12in

2. Marsia Alexander-Clarke, BUSCANDO
2017 video, projected: 31 minutes, as installation: 6 min.

3. Norma Alonzo, Pianos
2016 acrylic on board. 18x24in

4. Evalynn J. Alu, The Duke
2016 Watercolor and Ink

5. Ava Ansari & Marco Pinter, Tchaiskovsky Symphony #4 in F minor, 4th Movement
2013 process-based digital drawing on canvas (Diptych). 24inx24in

6. Armando Barcelo, 'KDot' Kendrick Lamar
2017 Canvas . 20x16x1

7. Bruce Bayard, Decades IV
2017 video clips, image sequences, still photography, audio. 15min 30sec

8. Linda Belden, Four Part Energy
2017 paint, embroidery thread, cotton. 26inx26in

9. Sandy Bleifer, Symphony 3/6 (4-part constructed silkscreen)
1978 silkscreen on paper. 146-1/2inW x 10-1/2inH

10. Leslie Brown, Nocturne in Red
2017 Monoprint ,Chine colle. 15 x 18

11. Andrée B Carter, Treble
2017 Oil on Canvas. 36in x 36in

12. Manon Casimir, Composition 2b
2016 Oil and Sand on Wood Panel. 16x16in

13. Mona Chiang, I Take 5
2017 Pen and ink and colored pencils on paper. 11in x 19in framed

14. Carly Chubak, Transposed
2017. Archival handbound book.. 17in x 7in x 1/4in

15. Anthony Clune, New Water Music
2017 Short Film. 17 Minutes

16. Bronle Crosby, Fascinatin' Rhythm
2014 oil on canvas. 24 x 30in

17. Dennis Doran, Chromic Tempo
2016 pixels on paper.19in X 13in

18. Merrilyn Duzy, Waiting: Royal Danish Theatre
2017 pastel on paper . 15 x 16

19. Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, HEAVY METAL
2016 Photograph on Linen 25 x 19

20. Avery Falkner, Shadows and Reflections #3
2015 oil on canvass. 36x36

21. Dwora Fried, Fake (sound of music)
2017 Cardboard, acrylic, plastic toys, glass, wood. 14inx15.5inx5in

22. Arie Galles, Disco-Bolus
2011 Flourescent paint on aluminum extrusions. 40in x 62in

23. Christa Gearhart Denney, Beck Hansen with Toy Robot
2017 Oil with applied Photograph

24. Donna Gough, Meet me in the Desert
2017 2D/3D drawing, digital print on Hahnemühle paper. 90 x 60 cm

25. Lucia Grossberger Morales, Lyrical no.5
2016 Blu-ray and monitor (oriPad) 4:17

26. Peter Hassen, Divine Proportion: Music
2015 mixed media on wood panel. 24in x 24in

27. Annette Heully, Imagine
2012 Hand Woven piano music with various yarn and thread. 2 ft x 6 ft

28. Lucie Hinden, The Ups and Downs of It
2016 Acrylic and Collage on Canvas. 40in x 40in

29. Gilah Hirsch, Next Dimension
2016 Acrylic on canvas. 20in diameter

30. Diane Holland, Related to Somatic Telesthesia J
2017 Fujiflex laminated print. 22 x 17 inches

31. Michael Hubbard, Tobi Vail
2014 oil on canvas. 26x24 inches

32. David Hull, Luxinematic 34
2017 mp4 1280x720/Approx 7 minutes

33. Kevin Jacobs, Music Machine
2017 Mixed Media. 8.5 X 11

34. julienne johnson, Coda 17
2017 Archival paper _Chinese Ink_Conte Crayon_acrylic_charcoal. 24in x19in

35. Mary Jones, Target
2016 oil and acetate stencil on Arches oil paper. 30in x 30in

36. Francene Kaplan, The Volgas Will Row the Boat
2017 Mixed Media - Found and repurposed objects - Paint chip cards
24 inches high by 30 inches length

37. Lies Kraal, Dancing In Your Head (Ornette Coleman)
2010 burnished azurite on scored acrylic on paper. 15in x 15in

38. Linda Kunik, Callejon de tradiciones #1.02
2017 C Print on watercolor paper, framed. 16in x 23in x 1.5in

39. ilan Laks, Sisters Song
2017 Charcoal on Museum Board. 36in x 60in

40. Linsley Lambert, Sweatstain
2008 oil on canvas. 24in x 20in

41. Michael Lasater, Crossing, Berlin 1927
2008 Video, sound. 1920 x 1080 HD Video Continuous loop.

42. Lori LeBoy, The Blues
2015 bronze, steel wire, acrylic paint. 59in x 32in x 4in

43. Echo Lew, Symphony #7
2012 Photography of Moving Lights, Printed on Hahnemühle fine art paper, Limited edition of 6. 24in x 30in

44. Stevie Love, Bird's Bop
2017 Acrylic paint on fiberglass mesh, with faux fur. 33in x 22in

45. Heather Lowe, Kisses of the Sun
2017 lenticular, polymer paint. 7.5in. x 10.5in.

46. Pamela Madsen, Luminosity: Polonium
2013 Video with Audio, or Video with Live performance, voice, keyboard. 2:37

47. Eileen Mao, Jupiter Rising
2017 Acrylic, ink, pen, pencil, and watercolor on paper. 6 x 8

48. Aline Mare, Water Web
2017 Hand painted on aluminum. 24 x 24

49. Susan Melly, The Singer
2016 paper mache, found objects, tissue paper dress patterns, acrylic, internal speaker apparatus
7 inches x 20 inches x 7 inches deep

50. Dan Meylor, Poeme electronique, Genesis
2017 Digital photo print. Image size: 12 x 18 inches, Framed: 18 x 24

51. Rob Mintz, Tristan Chord
2017 Mixed Media on Arches Paper. 33 X 22 inches

52. Nancy Mooslin, Auvillar/Garonne River/Messiaen's Catalogue D'Oiseaux
2016 watercolor and graphite on paper. 26in X 72in

53. Lena Moross, Takarazuka #005
2016 Watercolor, Ink & Colored Pencil on Paper. 30 x 40 inches

54. Hagop Najarian, Quattro Stagione
2017 Oil/canvas. 48 x 60in

55. Janice Nakashima, Nocturne 1
2017 paper, ink, gel medium on mylar. 70x37

56. Stu Needman, Limber Timbre
2016 bass horn, '65 Mustang speedometer, wood, glass & resined cloth. 50in X 28in X 21in

57. Geraldine Neuwirth, Sound Waves
2017 mixed media on paper with collage elements. 59.5 x 32 (framed)

58. Jon Ng, Song
2007 acrylic on canvas.

59. Yari Ostovany, Cantata 1
2015 oil on canvas. 43 x 52 inches

60. Gedas Paskauskas, Spiegel Im Spiegel
2017 Inkjet on acrylic panel. 12in x 24in

61. Lark Pilinsky, Music of Samsara
2007 Sand paper, wood, paper cuts, etc. 15in x 15in

62. Caron G Rand, In Sync: Ishii & Schoenberg
2017 graphite & ink on scroll . 29in x 11in

63. Mila Reynaud, Lou Reed
1996 metallic Kodak print. 24x36

64. William Roper, Ryukyu-Shoto
2017 Photograph - Acrylic, Digital Imagery. 8.25 x 5

65. Karrie Ross, Octaves
2017 acrylic, metal leaf on canvas. 24inx24in

66. Diana Maria Rossi,
Out of Tune in Color - Epiphany [for Connie, Uncle Phil C., and Mr. Johnson]
2014 glass mosaic on wood with photos, text, music, and music box
7.5in l x 33in h x 6.25in deep

67. Judi Russell, Cheek to Cheek (Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers)
1979 Mixed media on paper. 11 1/2in x 15 1/2in

68. Desy Safan-Gerard, Encoded Musical Abstractions XI
2016 watercolor, ink and collage on paper. 11in x 8 1/2in

69. Margy Sievers, OF NOTE, Opus 35
2017 Digital print on paper 16in x 28in

70. Susan Sironi, untitled
2014 mixed, Plexiglass, wood, paper, acrylic. variable, as a grid or single panel line

71. Aaron Stansberry, Human Nature
2016 Oil and cold wax on canvas. 36x60 inches

72. Minghwei Sun, Recording Trauma
2015 ceramics, wood frame, video projection, book. 5ft x 5ft x 2ft wall

73. Lacey Terrell, Incomplete Pleasures That Bewitch Me
2017 archival pigment print. 16x20

74. Noriho Uriu, Tangled Merody
2013 Printmaking Multiple color relief print on BFK printmaking paper. 18ft x 24in

75. Kira Vollman, Breathe #3
2007 Mixed Media on Panel. 24 inches x 48 inches x 7 inches

76. Brenda Welsh, Vibrato, La Negra 3
2016 acrylic paint, ink nd collage on paper. 22in x 30in

77. Eric Wibbelsmann, Heavy Metal
2017 Wood, metal, plastic. 38in x 13in

78. Carolyn Yarnell, Symphony #1, 4th movement
2015 Music Score engraved on Wood. 18x24

79. Laurie Yehia, Phenomena
2017 Mixed media and switch plates on wood panel. 27in x 19in

80. Ben Zask, Conn
2017 Metal, wood, oil paint 60x12x12

81.  Peggy Jo Zask, Order Tea
2016 Ceramic, Plaster, metal, eucalyptus. 14x14x4.5in

82. Jim Zver, Implications #24 (For Ravel)
2017 Wood, Oil Paint 28In X 17In X 2In

83. Torie Zalben, Lights
Photographic archival print, 13 x 19 " (ed. 1/20) 13 x 19"

84. Joost De Jonge, Untitled
2011 Oil on canvass, 54 x 40

85. Daniel Lentz, Coffee Table
48” x 25.5” x 18”

86. Edward Beckett, Takemitsu Spirit Garden - burst
monotype, 16 x 20"






"All the arts in common aspire to the condition of music," Walter Pater wrote, indicating the uniquely abstract and immaterial nature of the art of sound. In modern times, that condition of inherent subjectivity has helped liberate the more 'concrete' art forms -- especially visual art. We thus have a trail of artwork inspired by music cutting through the 20th century and into the 21st. As an artist, how do you give form to your response to music? What does music look  like to you? How do you balance your observations with your feelings in response to "organized sound" (as Edgard Varèse called music)? Is your work designed to accompany music, reflect it, or embody it? -- Peter Frank


Peter Frank is a well-known critic and curator living in Los Angeles. Currently Associate Editor of Fabrik  Magazine, he has written for many publications and organized exhibitions around the world over a 45-year career. "

Topicality is a tradition at OCCCA, an artist-run alternative space serving the contemporary art scene since 1980.

  • Open to all media and to the entire planet.
  • If your work is complicated to install, or an installation we ask that you install the work.
  • We have limited devices for video and you may need to supply your own monitors etc.
  • Size: should be able to fit through a standard door.
  • Work should be presented professionaly and be ready to safely hang with wire or french cleats


Entry Formats

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and can enter as many times as you wish

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1. Must be at least 1,000 pixels wide, 300dpi jpg
2. File size: Larger than 800kb
3. Uploaded in .jpg format only.
4. You can upload up to 3 additional images per piece for installations or other 3D work or to include a detail view.

Video entries:
1. must be no larger than 1000mb,
2. uploaded in mp3, mov, mp4 and wmv formats only.


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While OCCCA will make every effort to handle all artwork 
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OCCCA is not responsible for any damage or loss to artwork and/or framing accepted for MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES. 

Artists concerned about damage or loss to artwork and/or framing accepted for MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES are encouraged to, and are responsible for, obtaining their own insurance. 

Artist hereby indemnifies and holds harmless, and agrees to defend OCCCA against any claims or demands arising out of or related to injury or damage caused by the work, or from claims of infringement. 

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Checks to the artists are processed within 30 days of the close of the show. 

OCCCA does not pay for shipping, and a return shipping label MUST be included with each shipment. 

Art sold remains on display until the close of the exhibition. Although care will be taken in the handling of entries, OCCCA accepts no responsibility for damage of work submitted to the competition improperly framed or packaged for handling. Artists may wish to obtain their own insurance. 

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