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Music For Your Eyes

February 3 - March 10, 2018

Peter Frank Juror

Dealine to Enter December 31, 2017


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"All the arts in common aspire to the condition of music," Walter Pater wrote, indicating the uniquely abstract and immaterial nature of the art of sound. In modern times, that condition of inherent subjectivity has helped liberate the more 'concrete' art forms -- especially visual art. We thus have a trail of artwork inspired by music cutting through the 20th century and into the 21st. As an artist, how do you give form to your response to music? What does music look  like to you? How do you balance your observations with your feelings in response to "organized sound" (as Edgard Varèse called music)? Is your work designed to accompany music, reflect it, or embody it? -- Peter Frank


Peter Frank is a well-known critic and curator living in Los Angeles. Currently Associate Editor of Fabrik  Magazine, he has written for many publications and organized exhibitions around the world over a 45-year career. "

Topicality is a tradition at OCCCA, an artist-run alternative space serving the contemporary art scene since 1980.

  • Open to all media and to the entire planet.
  • If your work is complicated to install, or an installation we ask that you install the work.
  • We have limited devices for video and you may need to supply your own monitors etc.
  • Size: should be able to fit through a standard door.
  • Work should be presented professionaly and be ready to safely hang with wire or french cleats


Entry Formats

You can enter up to three (3) images for your $38.00 entry fee*
and can enter as many times as you wish

Note images uploaded may be used for a full color catalog, so it is in your best interest to include a press ready hi-res jpeg image (300dpi)

1. Must be at least 1,000 pixels wide, 300dpi jpg
2. File size: Larger than 800kb, Maximum of 2mb (megabytes)
3. Uploaded in .jpg format only.
4. You can upload up to 3 additional images per piece for installations or other 3D work or to include a detail view.

Video entries:
1. must be no larger than 1000mb,
2. uploaded in mp3, mov, mp4 and wmv formats only.


*fee includes service costs to provide on-line entry submission


Shipping and Packing information



Artist agrees that acceptance and display of artwork and/or framing for MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES is entirely at artist’s risk. 

While OCCCA will make every effort to handle all artwork 
and/or framing with professional care and consideration, OCCCA does not provide insurance for artwork and/or framing accepted for MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES. 

OCCCA is not responsible for any damage or loss to artwork and/or framing accepted for MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES. 

Artists concerned about damage or loss to artwork and/or framing accepted for MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES are encouraged to, and are responsible for, obtaining their own insurance. 

Artist hereby indemnifies and holds harmless, and agrees to defend OCCCA against any claims or demands arising out of or related to injury or damage caused by the work, or from claims of infringement. 

OCCCA is not responsible for the appearance or non-appearance of OCCCA members or their conduct.

OCCCA is not responsible for the behavior of any guests or members of the public at this or 
any exhibition.



All work will be considered for sale unless otherwise indicated on the entry form. 

Proceeds from work sold: 60% to the artist, 40% to OCCCA 

Checks to the artists are processed within 30 days of the close of the show. 

OCCCA does not pay for shipping, and a return shipping label MUST be included with each shipment. 

Art sold remains on display until the close of the exhibition. Although care will be taken in the handling of entries, OCCCA accepts no responsibility for damage of work submitted to the competition improperly framed or packaged for handling. Artists may wish to obtain their own insurance. 

Failure to pick up the artwork on the scheduled pickup day(s) will incur a $10 per day storage fee and after 30 days may be discarded.


Artist contact information (email address, telephone) is only held for the purpose of contacting selected artists. All artist emails are added to our future events announcement email list. If you do not wish to be on the email list click the un-subscribe button when you receive the first announcement and your email will be automatically deleted.



I hereby release the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art and its members from all liability of every kind and character on account of loss, damages, or injury to property which I may have while on the property at 117 N. Sycamore, Santa Ana, CA, 92701.

Any work left at OCCCA after exhibition closing, will be subject to a $10.00 per day storage fee. Any artwork left after 30 days from the pick up date will become the property of OCCCA

I understand that information contained in this form may be released to the media and that by entering this competition, I understand that my artwork may be photographed for promotional or other purposes.



Submission for consideration in the exhibition, MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES constitutes agreement to the conditions stated in this document.


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