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Craft Revolution --- An Open Call For Art from OCCCA

Deadline for entry December 29, 2018 by midnight

          Craft Revolution seeks works with the unity of inspiration and skill philosophers call “craft” --- in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, ceramics, weaving, architectural plans and maquettes, interior design, furniture design, fashion design, photography, video, installation art, and objects d’art in all mediums, including wood, metal, stone, clay, paper, textiles and glass.  Craft is the bond between concept and technique, the link between hand, mind, and heart. OCCCA also seeks unusual, avant-garde, hybrid artworks that merge together, in a single piece, elements of fine art and the traditional crafts. Craft Revolution will illuminate an important truth about contemporary art: we can no longer categorically separate craft, fine art, decorative art, and utilitarian, designer objects.

Sophisticated, well-crafted objects --- no matter the medium --- inevitably elicit a frisson of desire.Give our esteemed juror a thrill with the pure perfection of your work.


           Juror: Staci Steinberger, Assistant Curator, Decorative Arts and Design, LACMA 





Notify of accepted entrants by Jan. 10, 2019

Delivery of artwork: Jan 24-27 12-5pm shipping or hand delivered

Pickup of artwork: March 24, 2018 12-5pm

Accepted Artists:
Carlos Ulloa
Ted Ollier
Stephanie Robison
Greig Leach
Arny Nadler
Mary Heebner
Heidi Tarver
bibi davidson
Scott Rogers
Kristin Skees
Lorraine Bubar
George Marlowe
Amy Keeler
Young Shin
Kathleen Kane-Murrell
Ryan Mennealy
Susan Zimmerman
Linda Belden
Jake Weigel
Noriho Uriu
Virginia Davis
Ben Zask
Randy Au
Wen Redmond
Liz Koerner
Robin Repp
Juan Cabrera
Karen Feuer-Schwager
Janet Dreyer
diana Ghoukassian
Aneesa Shami
maureen vastardis
Bret Englander
Melinda K.P. Stees
Lyz Wendland
Jana Zimmer
Sonya Hammons
Nikki Vismara
Sharon Hardy
Gina Herrera
mark hendrickson
Angela Sanders
Matthew Hebert
john hogan
Jay Reed
Karena Massengill
Brad Pettigrew
Lily Martina Lee
Stephen Thornhill
Priscilla Dobler
Sheila Rodriguez
mariano gonzales
Danielle Wood
Zoey Lin
Rachel Kaster
Diana Maria Rossi


Entry Formats

Minimum: $38.00 for up to three (3) artworks, or views of a single artwork.

Maximum entries, nine (9) artworks for $114.00.

Note images uploaded may be used for PR, so it is in your best interest to include a press ready hi-res jpeg image (300dpi)

1. Must be at least 1,000 pixels wide, 300dpi jpg
2. File size: Larger than 800kb
3. Uploaded in .jpg format only.
4. You can upload up to 3 additional images per piece for installations or other 3D work or to include a detail view.

Video entries:
1. must be no larger than 1000mb,
2. uploaded in mp3, mov, mp4 and wmv formats only. Or include a link to dowloadable file.


Packing and Shipping your work

*Shipping and Packing information

please read


Terms of Agreement

117 North Sycamore Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701 – 715-667-1517

Entry to this open call for art by artist(s) entrant(s) identified herein constitutes complete
agreement to all terms and conditions stated herein.

Entry Fee:
Minimum: $38.00 for up to three (3) artworks, or views of a single artwork.

Maximum entries, nine (9) artworks for $114.00.

All entry fees help support OCCCA, an artist-run, non-profit arts organization, serving the
community since 1980.

Entry Method:
Only online through the EntryThingy website for administering this open call for art.

Two-dimensional selected exhibition artwork may not exceed 6 feet in length nor exceed 50
lbs. in weight.

Three-dimensional selected exhibition artwork must fit within a 6 x 6 x 10-foot space and not
exceed 200 lbs. in weight.

Two-dimensional selected exhibition artwork on paper, hand-delivered or shipped, shall be
under Plexiglas. No glass shall be permitted.

All wall-exhibited selected exhibition artwork shall arrive at OCCCA completely installation
ready with the appropriate hardware and/or framing and hanging wire.

If a selected exhibition artwork is a diptych or triptych it must be framed or mounted
together as one contiguous piece.

Artist(s) may not substitute a different artwork for an entered artwork, change the sales
price, nor withdraw an artwork after it has been accepted, or modify any text or statement
after it has been submitted to this open call for art through EntryThingy .

Artists need to upload all submitted images before paying.

Video entries must be no larger than 1000mb, uploaded in mp3, mov, mp4, and wmv

If selected, artist(s) must send a self-looping DVD of the video, to enable OCCCA to easily
display it during the exhibition.


Notification of selected exhibition artwork will be via email from EntryThingy after the
juror has selected the artwork submitted for exhibition consideration. Check your spam
folder. The email will be from:

OCCCA reserves the right to not exhibit any selected entry not matching images submitted
through EntryThingy .

Results will also be posted on OCCCA’s Facebook page.

Participating artists are responsible for their own insurance. OCCCA does not provide
insurance. With the utmost care, every precaution shall be taken by OCCCA in the handling
of selected exhibition artwork. However, OCCCA shall not be responsible for damage or
loss to selected exhibition artwork from any cause at OCCCA or during any shipping phase.

Participating artists hereby release OCCCA, its members, agents and officers from all
liability of every kind of loss and character of damages, or injury while on OCCCA

OCCCA will retain a 40% commission on all sales.

All artwork may be photographed for promotional and other purposes.

Selected exhibition artwork may be hand delivered only at published hand delivery dates
and times.

Ship to:
117 N. Sycamore Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

BE RETURNED. No exceptions.

Commercially shipped selected artwork shall be shipped in sturdy, re-usable
containers only.

If artist(s) intends to pick up the selected exhibition artwork in person after close of
exhibition, a note stating this must be included in the shipping container in lieu of a
pre-paid, return-shipping label or shipped selected exhibition artwork will not be

Artist(s) shall include a pre-paid, return-shipping label for the return of their artwork.
A pre-paid, return-shipping label is a bar-coded label purchased at the time
of artwork shipment and shall be included inside shipping container prior to sealing
and shipping. This pre-paid, return-shipping label will be attached to the shipping
container exterior by OCCCA at time of re-pack of artwork for return shipment.

Pickup of any selected exhibition artwork prior to closing date of exhibition is not

All selected exhibition artwork remaining at OCCCA past the published pick-up dates, after
the published close of exhibition date, shall be charged $25.00 per day for storage.

Any selected exhibition artwork remaining on OCCCA premises after 30 days past the
published pick-up dates shall be deemed property of OCCCA and immediately be donated
to the charity of OCCCA’s choice.


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