Gallery Artists:


Current Organization:

Executive Administration:
Executive Director: Stephen Anderson
Assistant Director: Kebe Fox
Exhibitions Director: Carolyn Yarnell
Treasurer: Jeffrey Frisch
Secretary: Robin Repp

Exhibitions Committee:
Stephen Anderson, Kebe Fox, Rich Bohn, Rob Mintz
Leslie Davis, Beverly Jacobs

Installations Committee:
Kebe Fox, Rich Bohn, Jeffrey Frisch, Jon Ng, Stephen Anderson

Publicity/Public Relations Committee:
Chair: Robin Repp, Annie Clavel

Development Director:
Jeffrey Crussell

Marketing and Social Media:
Stephen Anderson

Gallery Rental:
Annabella Pritchard

Grant Writing Committee:
Consultant: Joella March. Rachell Fraizen

Membership Committee:
Chair: Kebe Fox, Beverly Jacobs

Graphic Design:
Stephen Anderson, Rich Bohn

Building Maintenance Committee:
Jeffrey Frisch, Rich Bohn

Exhibition / Press Archives: Rob Mintz

Education Outreach:
Chair: Eveylyn Alu, Robin Repp, Bill Hayner

Facility Supplies Committee:
Chair: Eveylyn Alu

Gallery Sitting Calendar:
Steven Roberts

Stephen Anderson

Rob Mintz, Steven Roberts

Circle of Friends:

Aministrative Members:

Victoria Chapman: Curation
Joella March: Grant writing, development, arts education



Juan Gallardo

Leah Shapi

Leslie Davis

Diana Frawley

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