#MeToo Panel Discussion with:

Brenda Guiterrez 
Miliana Singh
Cryzzy Colors
Steady Jenny

Saturday July 7th from 3 to 4:30 p.m - FREE

The goal of this panel is to re-frame and expand to global conversation around sexual violence to speak to the needs of a broader spectrum of survivors. Young people, queer, trans, and disabled folks, black women and girls, and all womyn of color. We want perpetrators to be held accountable and we want strategies implemented to sustain long-term, systematic change.

And the beginning of that change starts with a conversation: conversations like the panel that we’re holding this Saturday.
And it continues with maintaining the conversation - the best part about having this exhibition run through two artwalks is that OCCCA has agreed to provide us the space for a second panel during the August 4th artwalk!

Please join us in our panel discussion to help understand and continue the conversation about dissecting patriarchy in our society and internalized patriarchy in ourselves.

The #MeToo movement was founded by Tarana Burke founded in 2006 to help survivors of sexual violence, particularly young women of color from low wealth communities, to find pathways to healing. Using the idea of “empowerment through empathy,” the me too. movement was ultimately created to ensure survivors know they're not alone in their journey.

In less than six months, because of the viral #MeToo hashtag, a vital conversation about sexual violence has been thrust into the national dialogue. What started as local grassroots work has expanded to reach a global community of survivors from all walks of life and helped to de-stigmatize the act of surviving by highlighting the breath and impact of sexual violence worldwide.



It's Time

An Uncensored Look at the Time's Up & #MeToo Movements

Curated by: Anuradha Vikram, Artistic Director 18th Street Arts Center

Show Runs July 7-August 11, 2018
Panel Discussions on July 7 and August 4, beginning at 3:00 p.m

Opening Reception July 7th, 2018 6-10pm FREE

Special performance by Kohinoorgasm, 8 p.m.

Photo Sonia Prabhu, styling by NorBlack NorWhite 

Kohinoorgasm (one word: ko-hee-noor-gasm) is the experimental pop music project of queer, desi artist Josephine Shetty. Shetty uses minimal dance beats and softly sung vocals as a gentle way to communicate her frustrations with misogyny, opposition to war and imperialism, and experiences with anxiety and abuse. By looping danceable drums and dreamy synth sounds beneath repetitive English and Hindi lyrics, Shetty creates hypnotic environments meant for introspection and catharsis. She has performed at SXSW, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, and several other universities, museums, music venues, and DIY spaces across the US and Europe. 


Featured Artists:

Chloe Allred, Veronica An, Jennifer Ashley, Milton Aviles, Jenny E. Balisle, Mariona Barkus, Martin Bustamante, Priscila Claure Soruco, Lorraine Crowder, Vanessa Filley, Teresa Flores with Maryam Hosseinzadeh, Charli Forrester, Melissa Friedman, Cheri Gaulke, Ashley Gibbons, Emily Halpern, Erin Holscher Almazan, Axelle Kieffer, Lily La Bare, Susan Lane, Laura Larson, Shireen Liane, Joseph Liatela, Jessy Lu, Jamie Luoto, Steady Jenny, Gina M, Pamela Madsen with Jimena Sarno and Carolyn Yarnell, Christina McPhee, Yvette Molina, Lisette Morales, Lena Moross, Jennifer Noland, Ashley Obregon, Vivian Patton, Renee Petropoulo, Donnal Poppe, Michele Pred, Tanya Ragir, Sarey Ruden, Claire Salvo, Arika Von Edler, Carol Zou

"Political times call for political art. The past year has shown that women's voices will not be silenced, no matter how hard the patriarchy digs in its heels. Artists have heard the call to speak up against structural violence and oppression. The urgency and candor of their work reflects that of this important cultural moment."

Anuradha Vikram is a writer, curator, and educator. Her research focus is transnational futurism, combining media studies, theory of globalization, and critical race discourse with modern and contemporary art history. Vikram has guest-curated exhibitions for the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Shulamit Nazarian Gallery, Mills College Art Museum, ProArts Gallery, and the DeYoung Museum Artist Studio, and held curatorial positions at UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice, Headlands Center for the Arts, Aicon Gallery, and Richmond Art Center. She has contributed essays to journals including Leonardo, KCET Artbound, Artillery, Hyperallergic, Daily Serving, and OPEN SPACE, the blog of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and to catalogues on the work of Sonya Rapoport, Chitra Ganesh, Ana Mendieta, and Om Prakash, among others. Vikram holds an MA in Curatorial Practice from California College of the Arts and a BS in Studio Art from New York University. She is a Senior Lecturer in the MFA Social Practice Area Emphasis at Otis College of Art and Design, and a member of the Board of Directors of the College Art Association, where she chairs the Museums Committee.

Anuradha Vikram
Artistic Director 18th Street Arts Center

Interested groups that want to take part in forums or panel discussions please contact us, we want to provide an excellent art exhibition along with information and discussions surrounding the movements




September 1 - 29, 2018

Dino Perez

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