Therefore, I Am

Juror: Meghan Doherty, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art,
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

July 6 - August 24, 2019

Opening reception: Saturday, July 6 from 6-10 pm

Art Walk: August, 3 from 6-10 pm

Panel Discussion: Sat., August 3, 2019 at 4:30 pm
Stephen Anderson, Shirin Bolourchi, Meghan Doherty, Rob Mintz, Khang Nguyen, Robin Repp, and Kurt Weston will discuss ‘Identity Politics’ in relation to our current exhibition: "Therefore I Am". Moderator: Shirin Bolourchi


Therefore, I Am is about the representation of identity in art, self-portraiture, constructed personas, artistic alter egos, and hybrids --- sexual, political, and cultural --- in painting, sculpture, assemblage, photography, video, installation, fashion, and craft.


Featured Artists
Samantha Aasen, Hannah Altman, Stephen Anderson, Richard Bohn, Yuri Boyko, Ray Bravo, Leslie Brown, Martin Bustamante, Andrea Castillo, Mary Chabre, Elise Chang, Kalvino Coria, Sheena Dowling, Lou Eberhard, Courtney Geiger, Ellen Goellner, Donna Gough, Britt Harrison, Caroline PM Jones, Shelley Kommers, Lily La Bare, Heather Layton, Jung ji Lee, Ryan Lewis, Katherine Chang Liu, Louis Longi, Stevie Love, Jamie Luoto, Andres Martinez, Galina Mihaleva, Andrea Moni, Adon Newman, Michael Pribich, Robin Repp, Brennan Roach, Ellen Rosenberg, Karrie Ross, Janey Saavedra, Richard Sawdon Smith, Joseph Szkodzinski, Ronda Urdang, Winnie van der Rijn, Sandra Chen Weinstein, Kurt Weston, Kathrine Worel, Gina Yu.


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Echo Lew & Chenhung Chen

September 7 – 28, 2019

Opening Reception: Sat. September 7 - 6-10 pm
In conjunction with the Santa Ana Artwalk

Ibuki Kuramochi will do a performance on the exhibition opening.

About the show
“Time.Timeless” reminds us that the universe is composed of repeating patterns, from the
sub-atomic to the celestial. Even the most prosaic features of daily life can become sublime
markers of a timeless time.

Echo Lew
Echo's artwork shows a way of perceiving daily life that rises above the mundane. It echoes the
artist's photographic work which freezes the movement of light into icons of transcendent
experience. Echo Lew finds a mysterious link between chance arrangements of hair on paper with
the spontaneous gestures of the dancers with lights he captures in his photography.



Chenhung Chen
"From my urban recluse experience, through mixed media works which is influenced by American
DIY culture, I strive to express my perception of the inner existence: its simplicity and its
profundity. Included in my 3D work are recycled materials such as copper wire, electrical cable
and an array of electronic and computer components. The cables conduct electrical power just as
humans do. We are conduits— conduits of that Power. We try to emulate it by harnessing
electricity to advance our lives."

Website: www.chenhungchen.com




The Underwater World of Cheryl Walsh

October 5 – 26, 2019

Welcome to the surreal, beautiful, magical, immersive, Underwater World of Cheryl Walsh, fine art, multi-media exhibition event.

OCCCA is pleased to present underwater fine art portrait photographer Cheryl Walsh’s first solo gallery exhibition. Cheryl has created an immersive, multimedia experience celebrating not only her own work but the women artists she frequently collaborates with. She will showcase their unique wearable artwork along with behind the scenes videos telling the stories behind a number of her series. As an artist-in-residence she will be available to share her process and what goes into creating her unique art. Cheryl will have a large format fine art printer onsite and will offer artist’s talks and a workshop as part of her mission to encourage and educate photographers on how to digitally print their own photographs.

The Underwater World of Cheryl Walsh
Cheryl’s dream has been to have something more than a “gallery show” but rather an “Exhibition Event,” a celebration of not only her work but the creative spirits that contributed it and the peaceful relaxation she feels while creating it. Orange County Center for Contemporary Arts’ 6,300 square foot gallery, in her hometown of Santa Ana, has allowed her the familiar space and freedom to welcome the public into the world she lives in - full of magical sights, feelings, relationships and experiences.

She explores the stories behind her images, their meanings, how they were created, and ultimately celebrates the amazing artisans that she works with. Without these fellow creatives, designers, seamstresses, milliners, metal smiths, and models she would be very lonely, taking photos of clear, empty water. Almost exclusively women, their incredible talents and hard work as independent working artists has played a pivotal role inspiring Cheryl to create her images. On display are gowns, headpieces, wigs, corsets, crowns, videos, faerie wings and mermaid tails, alongside the finished fine art prints and their stories. All of the fine art prints, from nine of her most popular series, are printed by the artist herself. They showcase the multiple fine art papers that are an integral part of her finished art pieces, culminating in her own unique artistic signature.

Along with large scale, elaborately framed prints on thick, beautifully textured, European, fine art papers are images on translucent, mulberry bark based, Japanese papers. Window coverings, wallpaper, hanging scrolls, small embellished cabochon necklaces and a large room divider, all printed with Cheryl’s art, create an experience for viewers beyond a traditional gallery show. Working with a lighting designer utilizing projection and environmental stimulus, Cheryl created an “Underwater Experience” room. This allows the viewer a glimpse into the sensations that Cheryl experiences at the bottom of her pool and offers a full sensory explanation into the reasons why she works underwater. As an educational component, and furthering Cheryl’s passion for promoting printing among the photographic community, a large format fine art printer will be on location for printing her work on demand and for professional workshops.

As an artist in residence, Cheryl will give an artist’s talk with her collaborators and be on hand for conversation as she works at various times on recent projects.

Instagram @cherylwalshfineart.

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