2019 Holiday Boutique & Auction

Opening Reception Saturday December 7, from 6 to 10 pm

The exhibition continues through December 21.

Gallery Hours: Thursday to Sunday: noon to 5 pm.

About the Event Pop Exhibition Pop up Exhibition presenting artworks from OCCCA members and their guest artists. Artworks priced from $25 to $300

Silent Auction OCCCA members are submitting a 8”x 10” new piece for the Auction. Proceeds raised will support all OCCCA programming, including creative practice groups, guest curatorial programs, free contemporary exhibitions, field trips and educational programs for children.

Evalynn Alu, Jeff Alu, Stephen Anderson, Rich Bohn, Annie Clavel, Kebe Fox, Jeffrey Frisch, Diana Ghoukassian, Herlinda Giandalia, Bill Hayner, Bevery Jacobs, Kiyomi, Julie Leah, Joyce Legate, Rob Mintz, Andrea Moni, Jon Ng, Dali Polivka, Robert H Repp, Robin Repp, Brennan Roach, Kurt Weston, Carolyn Yarnell, Dorian Yarnelson.



Marks on Land & Mind

January 4 – 25, 2020

Reception January 4, 6-10pm

"Marks on Land & Mind" opens on Saturday January 4, 2020 from 6:00 to 10:00 pm at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA). We are honored to present paintings from Soheila Siadate and photography by Tom Lamb. As Ms. Siadate states, her works are meant to “echo the energy which is streaming beneath the surface”, and this applies to Mr. Lamb's work as well. The exhibition continues through January 25th.


About the exhibition

“The art of the last century or so has been about upending perspective, cutting through the 3rd dimension into the 4th, and creating new worlds for audiences to inhabit.

Soheila Siadate’s work addresses those outward thinking issues and many inward ones as well. As she puts it, her paintings are meant to “echo the energy which is streaming beneath the surface”. In some paintings hard edge paths or stripes appear on top of, from and beneath vibrant and astute color suffused with the vibrational action of her brush. The stripes appear like tracks, altering our viewpoint like directions on a map. In others, gaps appear in the middle of a work, unafraid, pushing the painted elements outward.

In contrast, Tom Lamb’s carefully constructed aerial views are uniquely abstract and unencumbered in this particularly specialized realm of photography. The compositions do not contain themselves in an easy or academic formality as one might expect. His best work pushes the viewer past the edges of the image, allowing for and embracing the unknown, the untraveled. Leaving one to wonder, what’s out there beyond the frame.

Siadate’s work often does something similar while using a vastly different medium. Elements of Hans Burkhardt come to mind with her work. Richard Debenkorn’s Ocean Park Series comes to mind with Lamb’s art. Influences of Ed Moses are apparent in the work of both artists.

Each artist, in their own assured way, makes indelible marks on our minds.”

Juri Koll, Venice Institute of Contemporary Art +1 310 957 7037 juri@veniceica.org


Soheila Siadate

Soheila was raised in Iran and received a diploma in business in Tehran. At the age of 25, 4 years after the revolution in Iran, she decided to move to LA, due to unjust social pressure there. In California she completed a BFA in fiber art from California State University of Long Beach. More recently Soheila has made a transition towards oil painting to include the narrative of her fiber art projects. Her life as an immigrant in a country so different from Iran has made a great impact on her art. www.soheilazart.com


Tom Lamb

Tom is an aerial, landscape and interpretive photographer based out of Laguna Beach. He uses photography, as his primary tool, along with pioneering trends in new media. Tom has dedicated his life to not only creating, through the art of storytelling, memorable photographs, but also championing environmental awareness. www.lambstudio.com

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