Beverly Jacobs / David Michael Lee

June 1 - 29, 2019

Opening reception: Saturday, June 1 from 6-10 pm

two•cubed highlights the work of two Orange County based contemporary artists, Beverly Jacobs and David Michael Lee, both working within the realms of geometry in their respective mediums – ceramic sculpture and painting – to entice the viewer to actively engage in their work.


Beverly Jacobs explores the ceramic cube from the mind of a scientist turned sculptor. Her cubes are the building blocks for miniature houses, through which she expresses her interest in shapes, forms, and assembling parts into wholes. For Jacobs, it is part visual expression, part methodical exploration of shape, size, color, and texture, and partly her quest to draw the viewer into the work, using miniaturization of houses, begging the question of what makes a house a home. Woven throughout her work is her need to address serious contemporary issues. To escape our current confrontational political and social climate, she also enjoys making artwork that elicits smiles.

Jacobs was raised on the San Francisco peninsula, moving as an adult to Irvine with her husband and two children. She began studying and making art in midlife, expanding her horizons beyond the extensive science training that was her first career. She has earned a Ph.D. in physiology at Stanford, an M.A. in pharmacology at Harvard, and a B.A. in zoology at UC Berkeley. In the thirty years since that transition, Jacobs has exhibited her work in several Southern California based galleries and is in private collections. She was juried into the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art four years ago and enjoys being part of its vibrant community.




David Michael Lee is as much focused on the process of creating an image as he is on the finished product. Building countless layers of color over an extended period of time, his work will "bake" for weeks before Lee begins an excavation of the hidden body he has created by sanding away to reveal relationships of color, form and composition that are only partially controlled. He then creates various states of tension through geometry and illusion, bucking any sense of the forces of nature performing properly. Everything from light source to gravity is manipulated for the sake of creating visual sensations meant to invoke a conversation between the painting and the viewer.

Born and raised in Orange County, David Michael Lee holds a BA in photography and studio art from Columbia College in Chicago and an MFA in drawing, painting and printmaking from California State University Fullerton. Lee has worked in higher education since 2002, engaging with a wide variety of students and allowing the opportunity to be constantly honing his craft as a painter. He serves as the director/curator of the Coastline Community College Art Gallery in Costa Mesa. His work has been exhibited throughout Southern California and has been included in a number of public and private collections.



PRESS CONTACT: High-resolution images available upon request.


Therefore, I Am

Juror: Meghan Doherty, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art,
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

July 6 - August 24, 2019

Opening reception: Saturday, June 6 from 6-10 pm
Art Walk: August, 3 from 6-10 pm


Therefore, I Am is about the representation of identity in art,
self-portraiture, constructed personas, artistic alter egos, and hybrids --- sexual, political, and cultural --- in painting, sculpture, assemblage, photography, video, installation, fashion, and craft.


Featured Artists
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