Music For Your Eyes

February 3 - March 10, 2018

Opening Reception February 3rd, 6-10pm
9pm Performance by ¡Aparato!

Second Reception March 3rd, 6-10pm

March 10th Closing
With a perfomance by Alpha Mule

Peter Frank, Juror


Featured Artists

Lillian Abel, Marsia Alexander-Clarke, Norma Alonzo, Evalynn J. Alu, Ava Ansari & Marco Pinter, Armando Barcelo, Bruce Bayard, Edward Beckett, Linda Belden, Sandy Bleifer, Leslie Brown, Andrée B Carter, Manon Casimir, Mona Chiang, Carly Chubak, Anthony Clune, Bronle Crosby, Dennis Doran, Joost De Jonge, Merrilyn Duzy, Joeann Edmonds-Matthew, Avery Falkner, Dwora Fried, Arie Galles, Christa Gearhart Denney, Donna Gough, Lucia Grossberger Morales, Peter Hassen, Annette Heully, Lucie Hinden, Gilah Hirsch, Diane Holland, Michael Hubbard, David Hull, Kevin Jacobs, Julienne Johnson, Mary Jones, Francene Kaplan, Lies Kraal, Linda Kunik, Ilan Laks, Linsley Lambert, Michael Lasater, Lori LeBoy, Daniel Lentz, Echo Lew, Stevie Love, Heather Lowe, Pamela Madsen, Eileen Mao, Aline Mare, Susan Melly, Dan Meylor, Rob Mintz, Nancy Mooslin, Lena Moross, Hagop Najarian, Janice Nakashima, Stu Needman, Geraldine Neuwirth, Jon Ng, Yari Ostovany, Gedas Paskauskas, Lark Pilinsky, Caron G Rand, Mila Reynaud, William Roper, Karrie Ross, Diana Maria Rossi, Judi Russell, Desy Safan-Gerard, Margy Sievers, Susan Sironi, Aaron Stansberry, Minghwei Sun, Lacey Terrell, Noriho Uriu, Kira Vollman, Brenda Welsh, Eric Wibbelsmann, Carolyn Yarnell, Laurie Yehia, Torie Zalben, Ben Zask, Peggy Jo Zask, Jim Zver


Geraldine Neuwirth, Sound Waves
2017 mixed media on paper with collage elements. 59.5 x 32


From the angel concerts of the Renaissance to the abstract syncopation of Mondrian, from Andy Warhol to Christian Marclay, music reverberates in the history of art. Music for Your Eyes explores everything we love about music: from the wildest impressions of the limitless joy music inspires, to tender depictions of rock musicians leading their lives of quiet meditation, abstinence and chastity; from the documentation of fabulous concerts, to the delicate beauty of composers' precious manuscripts; from crazed expressions of devout fandom, to serene evocations of mind-boggling synesthesia. ~ Rob Mintz


Mona Chiang, I Take 5
2017 Pen and ink and colored pencils on paper. 11in x 19in


"All the arts in common aspire to the condition of music," Walter Pater wrote, indicating the uniquely abstract and immaterial nature of the art of sound. In modern times, that condition of inherent subjectivity has helped liberate the more 'concrete' art forms -- especially visual art. We thus have a trail of artwork inspired by music cutting through the 20th century and into the 21st. As an artist, how do you give form to your response to music? What does music look  like to you? How do you balance your observations with your feelings in response to "organized sound" (as Edgard Varèse called music)? Is your work designed to accompany music, reflect it, or embody it? ~ Peter Frank


Peter Frank is a well-known critic and curator living in Los Angeles. Currently Associate Editor of FabrikMagazine, he has written for many publications and organized exhibitions around the world over a 45-year career."


Kira Vollman, Breathe #3
2007 Mixed Media on Panel. 24 inches x 48 inches x 7 inches


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Art pickup is Sunday March 11, 12-5pm


Sunday, March 25 at 3 PM - 6 PM

One of the biggest fundraiser events by OCCTAC is coming on March. OCCTAC invites you to this event where you will have the opportunity to see master creations by world-recognized names from Latin America, names such as Sonya Romero, Carlos Merida, Gustavo Montoya, Francisco Zuñiga, Rufino Tamayo and more!

Have the opportunity to own one of these unique master pieces by participating on our Silent and Live Auctions.

Meet some of the artists and learn about their inspiration, techniques and artistic careers.

Sponsorship Opportunities available!!
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Soul Element

April 7 - 28, 2018

Opening Reception April 7, 6-10pm


Evalynn Alu Statement:
Evalynn Alu’s paintings pull the viewer into vast, mysterious spaces, where careening vectors of movement embody the forces of nature. With dizzying shifts in scale, she creates sublime mindscapes, dappled with light. Objective, abstract form is a term the artist uses to suggest the tension between her painting’s physical materials, and the riddle of their beauty. A virtuoso painter, she loves to experiment and improvise. She performs complex, technical investigations, building upon her expertise with etching, lithography and watercolor, to create sweeping representations of the universal energies constituting our reality. Alu’s paintings are about wordless thought --- and spiritual longing. Her paint handling, in all its multiplicity, reminds us why this art form persists. In the right hands it can be serious fun, filled with the emotions of the moment, and an unmistakable profundity. Alu’s work gives us the world as a kinetic event, seen by the mind’s eye with the purity of a sudden revelation.



Jeff Alu Statement:
I often find myself searching for meaning or symbols within everyday items and events.  In my photography, as well as my video visuals, I strive for alternate realities which somehow relate back to familiar origins.  I want these realities to exist visually trapped somewhere between this world and another, so that mixed and crossing signals are sent, with multiple interpretations.  Elements such as impending doom, destruction, survival, and triumph over hardships are common themes and ideas in my work. 

I have a strong belief that when we seek we often look past what is close-by, destroying potential that is very near to us.  We have the ability to create far more often than we realize, usually feeling that we have to wait for special moments or perfect situations, or more expensive equipment.  I find that I constantly have to remind myself of this concept, but that I am usually rewarded in the end.



Mary Beierle Statement:
Mary Beierle grew up alongside the Los Angeles Mountains and has trekked throughout the terrains of the American West and Alaskan glacial fields.  The trembling of the tectonic plates, climate shifts in this rugged territory and the visual imprint of that geology are major influences in her work.  She merges images of the landscape with abstracted human forms to explore and question our relationship with the natural world.    These ideas are explored through emerging and receding figures, glazing as subject and composition, and contrasts of scale - from miniature to massive, larger than life-sized, pieces. She is interested in creating an experience of form and space that the viewer may touch, peer into, and encounter from various perspectives.


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