Body Language

April 5– May 17, 2014

Opening Reception
April 5th 6-10pm

Second Reception
May 3rd 6-10pm

with special musical performance
by Lipstick Lumberjack, And William Hawkins
starting at 9pm

Art for All Workshop
with George Herms!
Saturday May 17th 2-5pm, FREE all ages

OCCCA invited creatives of all kinds to submit art for exhibition in Body Language, curated by legendary LA artist George Herms. Body Language celebrates the body as the sign supreme.


Susan Amorde, On The Edge, 2009


Exhibiting Artists 
Carrie Alter
Susan Amorde
Ashton Amores
Zack Balber
Catherine Bennaton
Carla Berger
Richard Bohn
Elizabeth Bowler
Kent Brown
Troy Bunch
JT Burke
Mike Callaghan
Amy Caron
Eric Charles
Lana Citowsky
Michael Coakes
Juliana Coles
Justin Crowe
Terry Crowther
Morgan Culture
Dai Davies Morris
Ella de Buck
Larry Deemer
Jorg Dubin
Lonnie Duka
Melissa Eder 
Shoshana Ernst
Karl Eschenbach
Michelle Fair
Michael Falzone
Matthew Feuer
RW Firestone
D. Keith Furon
Mittie Golding
Ronald Gonzalez
Roger Gordon
Marion Grant
Mark Yale Harris
Mary Heebner
Isis Hockenos
Valerie Hunt
Jerrie Hurd
Cindy Jackson
Dolores Kaufman
June Kim
Duygu Kivanc
Clifford Klinkhammer
Kathe Madrigal
Stefania Marcone
Daina Mattis
Dan McCormack
Andrea Moni 
Dean Moniz
Steve Montiglio
Kasey Murray
Rob Neilson
Jon Ng
Brad Pettigrew
Benjamin Phillips
Colin Poole
Vincent Pucciarelli
Robert Reeves
Aaron Roth
Robin Russin
Samantha Senack
Jonathan Seyer
Charles Shramek
Roi Tamkin
Troy Tatzko
Constance Thalken
Ashley Tomajan
John Valois
Kirsten Van Mourick
Tanya Vlach
Peter Walker
Adam Watts
Stephen Wright


Samantha Senack, The Truckers -'BOOM BOOM', 2011


Our bodies are implicated in everything we do, think and say. The body is pivotal to our understanding of our place in the universe. In contemporary culture the body has become an extraordinarily complex signifier. Computer generated, traditionally sculpted, assembled, drawn, painted, photographed, filmed or performed in the gallery as dance or theater, in participatory events, street art and fashion --- the artists in Body Language ascertain the true dimensions of the inter-human sphere, connecting art to daily life, dreams, desires and the return of the real.


Larry Deemer, Sleep Head, 2012


Body Language is about the body angelic, or monstrous, clothed or naked; the disabled body overcoming the odds; the hybrid body permeated by technology; bodies merging with animals, plants and machines; the body of the athlete in motion; the sacred body of the Psalms and the Sutras; the body marginalized, politicized; the body exploited by advertisers and the media; the body studied by market researchers, demographers, economists; the body at the switching point between the familiar and the strange; the body of mythology and fairy tales; the body marked by the artist; the body uniting those who observe with those who perform; the body of flayed corpses, anatomical drawings, autopsies and dissections; the body as seen by medical science; the body tattooed, scarified and pierced; the androgynous, alluring and dangerous body --- “The body electric and in the exquisite realization of health.” (Walt Whitman) “The body in danger on this earth, but not of this earth.” (Jean-Paul Sartre) “The body as temperamental and vehement flesh.” (Meyer Schapiro)


Carrie Alter, Deer Diary: 2, 2013


Curator George Herms,
renowned West Coast master of assemblage art, belongs to the avant-garde generation directly influenced by trail-blazing painters, photographers, sculptors, choreographers and performance artists who collectively pushed the body toward new forms of expression in relation to myth, technology, spirituality, politics and psychology.


Ashton Amores, Performance Document: 5/1/13,2013


Foster, Hal and Rosalind Kraus, Yve-Alain Bois, Benjamin H.D. Buchloh. Art  Since1900, V.2, Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism, 1945 to the Present. New York: Thames and Hudson, 2004.

Harrison, Charles and Wood, Paul.  Art in Theory, 1900-1990, An Anthology of Changing Ideas. Oxford, UK and Cambridge, USA: Blackwell, l992.

O’Reilly, Sally. The Body in Contemporary Art. London: Thames and Hudson, 2009.

Text by Rob Mintz Graphic Design by Dali Polivka



Art For All Workshop:


Sat May 17th, 2-5pm, Free

In conjunction with the “Imagination Celebration”

the OCCCA “Art For All” series presents a free art workshop (open to all ages), facilitated by Nationally~Internationally acclaimed artist George Herms.

Using found & everyday objects and other art materials, participants will work together to create a “Collaborative Assemblage” sculpture at OCCCA.





Deadline for submission:
May 17th 2014, Midnight

Show runs: July 5 to 26, 2014

Each selected artist will have two (2) works accepted. One work displayed at OCCCA and another at VAALA.


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The word “HÔME” resonates on cultural, emotional, intellectual, religious, philosophical, political and spiritual levels—as a place, a space, a myth, a source of identity, a promised land, a state of being, a war zone, an impossibility, and/or an inalienable right.

HOME // More Information, (Español):


Happy Medium

Kebe Fox, Stephen Anderson, Donald Gialanella

June 7-28, 2014

Is art a “happy" medium? Is it required to be angst-ridden, cynical or self-indulgent to be considered provocative or authentic?

Can a "happy medium" be attained in life? Will the endless pursuit of "more" remain the status quo?

Is modern technology a happy “medium?” Has the internet and other modes of communication aided in society's happiness?

The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) announces three dazzling California artists, Stephen Anderson, Donald Gialanella and Kebe Fox in a three person exhibit opening June 7th, 2014.  The trio navigates through life’s ultimate pursuit, exploring the concept of happiness in this multi-media exhibition featuring three-dimensional paintings/collage, sculpture and installation.

The exhibit begs the question: Is art a “happy" medium?  Is it required to be angst-ridden, cynical or self-indulgent to be considered provocative or authentic?  Can a “happy medium” be attained in life?  Will the endless pursuit of "more" remain the status quo?  Is modern technology a happy “medium?”  Has the internet and other modes of communication aided in society's happiness?

Stephen Anderson received his BFA from California University Long Beach, and creates artwork from his studio in Santa Ana California. Recent exhibits include the solo site specific installation / environment; Amusings, Hauntings, Wantings, which included 9 videos; (6 on monitors, 3 projected) a collaborative audio piece synched to video, fiber optic lights, kinetic, and interactive elements. He is currently the executive director of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA.)

Kebe Fox's painting of a mystic manipulating the strings and soul of a crystal ball was the initial inspiration behind the title and theme of Happy Medium.  In addition to his three-dimensional paintings, Kebe will showcase mixed media and suspended work as well.  Happy Medium follows 2010’s Father Material exhibition and being named Best Visual Artist of 2013 by the OC Weekly.  Fox has been exhibiting his art, publishing the zine Lost Art and performing as Dancing Lethargic throughout California for over 15 years.

Donald Gialanella’s recent commissions include projects from the cities of Napa and Pasadena, both in 2013.  He was commissioned by the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, CA, for a landmark lobby sculpture in 2014. Last summer he was asked to create an Orb sculpture entitled Motherboard Earth by Arrow Electronics, an international electronics firm based in Denver, CO. Gialanella’s background includes credits as an Emmy winning broadcast graphics producer.



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