December 2004

Post: A temporal condition differentiating the now from the previous


December 2nd, 2004- Jan 9th, 2005


Contemporary existence is always a condition that is post-something.  Post is an ever-mutable human condition: it is conceptually the antithesis and grammatically the antonym of history. The artists in this show have to attempted to communicate their current (post) relationship with history. Some of these conditions are the result of very personal and private histories; others are the result of more socially shared histories. Common to all of the work presented is the contemporary relevancy of the pieces only as they are a response to a past condition—Post is always a relative term: without a precedent, post does not exist. Each artist’s personal set of precedents influences their current post-existence.


Haste Makes Waste - John Newlander

After Dinner - Nancy Harlan

Understanding My Dance - Pamela Grau


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