May 2005

Stephen Anderson; All I want is to be a Happy Man
Kebe Fox; On Leash
Cheryl Ekstrom; The Journeymen

May 4th - 29th, 2005


Stephen Anderson;
Incorporating video, interactive installation and 3D collage, Stephen explores what is supposed to make one happy. Sarcastic, introspective, disturbing, an uncensored look at society and the state of the world. He invites one to write (provided questions on post-it-notes) what makes them; happy, angry, fearful, and what one wishes for, and ‘post’ their comments directly onto the installation.

Video, interactive installation, mobile, 3d collage, pendullum, custom post-it-notes

Kebe Fox:
Within Kebe’s mixed-media paintings, veiled social commentary and themes of self realization are woven through lush, ethereal environments. While the rewards and obstacles to personal fulfillment are prevalent, interpretation is open to the viewers own unique experiences and impressions.

A variety of media, imagery and color schemes are incorporated, adding mood and energy to scenes of mystery and enlightenment

Cheryl Ekstrom
Her latest sculptures “The Journeymen” consists of an army of 40 bronze abstract figures depicting the migrant map of the human consciousness. Each figure evokes a raw emotion that is deeply introspective yet recognizable. Together, the Journeymen move in a transitive thoughtful pose engaging us to reflect on the chess pieces of our live


Press Mention:

Artists co-op marches with a winner,
OC Register, by Daniella Walsh, Sun, May 15, 2005

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