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September 7 - 27, 2013

Opening Reception Sept 7th, 6-10pm

Forces are present in all areas of life, pulling us in directions we might least expect.  Many of them are common and obvious, while others are far more rare and illusive.  The forces that are responsible for creativity are perhaps the least understood, often appearing at seemingly random times which we generally translate to the phrase, "Moments of Inspiration". 

In this exhibition at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, three artists illustrate these moments through personal interpretations of the concept of forces through painting, sculpture, photography, light projection, video, and computer display.


Art For All Workshop Series:

Saturday May 21st, 1pm to 5pm
exhibiting artists Evalynn J Alu, and Jeff T Alu will give a Painting and Photography Workshop
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Evalynn J. Alu

Evalynn J. Alu, In The Beginning

My work reflects my curiosity and emotional thoughts about the universe, in particular our own earth and the forces that are forever in action. Having a fascination with the strength and magnitude of these forces, whether gentle or outrageously strong all play a part in many of the pieces I have worked on for the past seven years. I try to convey not only beauty but the ugliness that can develop from our own mother nature and beyond.

I allow myself space and experimentation, fresh air and light when I first approach a new work. Letting my mind explore the many choices is a favorite part of the process. However, what a piece will say in the end can sometimes show itself from the start, but at other times won't present itself until I lay down several different layers of paint. Sometimes the surface I am working on may have very thick layers of paint that I watch and carefully rework or shape into the image that needs to be addressed. Moving paint at just the right moment is important. At other times I will use a delicate wash. Drying time is crucial with most of my paintings. 

I often ask myself, Who is this painting for? Why work in objective abstract form? What is it about abstraction that keeps me so obsessed with forces beyond our control? I suppose that my true answer to the first question is that I paint for me hoping others will find questions in their own minds and interpret my expressions any way they choose or perhaps open their imagination to whatever life has dealt them. I love the freedom of abstraction and the ability it gives me to work from my own emotional thoughts, which are crucial in my creativity, and are not restricted by what others would like to see.


Jeff T. Alu

Jeff T. Alu, Relic

I often find myself searching for meaning or symbols within everyday items and events. In my photography, as well as my video visuals, I strive for alternate realities which somehow relate back to familiar origins. I want these realities to exist visually trapped somewhere between this world and another, so that mixed and crossing signals are sent, with multiple interpretations. Elements such as impending doom, destruction, survival, and triumph over hardships are common themes and ideas in my work.

I have a strong belief that when we seek we often look past what is close by, destroying potential that is very near to us. We have the ability to create far more often than we realize, usually feeling that we have to wait for special moments or perfect situations, or more expensive equipment. I find that I constantly have to remind myself of this concept, but that I am usually rewarded in the end.


Mary Beierle

Mary Beierle, Glacier #1

I am interested in relationships: between figure and landscape, human and environment. These sculptures are metaphors for the interrelationship of all things. Our relationship with nature may seem separate, but we are not. All of the modern sciences – both at the microscopic level and recent climate shifts at the macro level – and many of our wisdom traditions have demonstrated that humans are intimately and creatively interwoven with and into our environment. I am interested in presenting an installation with a depth and scale that immerses the viewer and reflects interconnectedness in the space as a metaphor for our unfolding and mysterious relationship with nature.  


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